USB ADAPTER CN:support PC USB to PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI communication,Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC programming cable

USB ADAPTER CN:support PC USB to PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI communication,Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC programming cable
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The differences with USB/MPI+ V4.0 are as follows:
(1)support Win7 64bits
(2)Supoort Step7 V5.5 and above
(3)Support main profibus function
1.don't support one PC communicate with several PLCs at
the same time.
2.don't support several PCs communicate with one
PLC at the same time.

USB Adapter CN is a high-tech adapter similar , support USB of computer to PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI communication, USB Adapter CN adopt power supply from USB port,use the low-power low-voltage chip,even if the USB port power low down to 4V,it still can ensure the stable and reliable work of the adapter. RS485 interface(PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI) of USB Adapter CN is the standard interface as same as the CP5611/CP5512, the 6PIN and 5PIN of DB9F socket output 5VDC power which can supply the power for the termination resistors. It's used for Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC programming.

Main Technical Specifications:
● Compatible with USB V1.1 and USB V2.0 specifications,connect the USB port of PC to DP/MPI/PPI interface of S7 system.
● Support PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI communication,auto bus protocol test
● You can download the latest software from Siemens website to update the firmware for USB Adapter CN to get the latest function
● Power supply from USB port, power consumption about 150mA,with over current and surge protection
● Opto-isolated voltage 1000VDC.
● USB port has the anti-surging protection
● RS485 interface has the anti-lightning and surging protector, Repeatability surge capacity: Ipp=100A(10/700us,4KV),meet the standard ITU-TK20/21、VDE 0433. ±15KV ESD protection.
● support long distance communication,the largest communication distance meet the profibus standard
● With the power indicator, USB indicator, DP/MPI indicator.
● One PC only support one USB Adapter CN
● Can install the adapter on the S7-300/400PLC rail or 35MM standard rail.
● Overall Size: 123mm×68mm×30mm(Length*Width*Height),with the mounting bracket
● Working Temperature: -20~+75℃

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