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[107-BG46654] in the vicinity of each corner with a guide roller of the cassette tape with drive
[Technical Summary] A rectangular two-reel tape cassette tape winding tension in the tape group, a single tape drive and four roller guide roller transmission. The location of each guide roller are close to a corner of cartridge, so that each tape in the tape group, there are at least 150 degrees around the wrapping angle. This package allows cartridge to use with the angle smoother tape on the back of the record, and also higher in the tape speed to avoid / write errors.[Technical Summary] The present invention provides a combination of television and cassette tape recorder system and method of operation of the system. The system includes a modular TV Rewind body part and a part of. Of part of the modular composition of rewind is: recording and reproduction of part of part of the video signal processing, audio signal processing parts, control parts of recording and reproduction of the servo control section, and vice control section; TV part of the composition is: tuner, input and the output section, the main control section, power supply, and the signal input part. As part of television and VCR parts by separate modules, it is easy to adapt to different sizes of TV monitors, but also conducive to repair.[Technical Summary] The present invention discloses use of the data blocks and error correction code method in the form of data storage media written to tape a way. Receive

d from a data for the data and formatting data and error correction code blocks. From the data and error correction code block to create the data entity. Packet is defined to include one or more of such data entity. Packet is sequentially written to tape media. Packet data and error correction block can be arranged in any order, regardless of the physical channel or location.[Technical Summary] A recording and / or playback equipment, the use of a rack mechanism can be easily removed from the tape cartridge storage tape transport machinery, and with reel rig to move position-independent, and can improve system the efficiency and performance. In the device, the use of mobile rig reel reel the two institutions to change the spacing between the bench and can be different sizes to selectively installed in the cassette tape reel stand. Rack mechanism has a pair of relatively moving parallel to the rack, tape cartridges can be relative to the positions include a box with different sizes along the height direction of the drive rod. By driving down with the lift rod, respectively, the two sliding rack, so that the reel rig to move boxes of different sizes with the corresponding position.[Technical Summary] A roll angular rate sensor 30 for detecting vehicle roll. When the vehicle to a pre-roll or larger than the roll angular velocity and angular velocity of the roll angle RA roll with a predetermined upper limit becomes equal to or greater than the value of RA1, the control unit 50 to give an instruction to the position maintained airbag control valve 22, a high-speed 46, an input port 56 open through the adjustment of a control valve 46. So that the high-pressure air input to maintain the balloon in the position of the airbag body 22, so that the balloon was inflated and expands to support the occupant seat position. When the lateral acceleration is not large enough, and the seat belt tight crew of 24 or when the occupant is not in the seat, the airbag does not act to maintain posture.[Technical Summary] The present invention provides a VCR with the envelope detection device, one embodiment of the present invention includes setting compared with the image signal and the first pre-set reference value to change the voltage of the second reference voltage reference value setting, a comparator, the aforementioned image signal and the reference voltage set by the aforementioned second device to change the voltage reference value, thus the image signal detected by the aforementioned envelope of the voltage comparator. Other embodiments, the envelope detection devices, including image signals received by the error correction results calculated error rate, and bit error rate based on the received reference voltage to set the reference voltage setting device.[Technical Summary] A cartridge containing a tape of its magnetic tape on the coil and the vertical box formed in one of the two half-columns on the inner wall of pivot of said pivot bearing cartridge can be rotated to drive card sales, the Disk tab on the box when not in use in the cartridge box plate to stop rotation of the latch plate of said box to form a pivot axis extending slot. Described the entire width of the same slot.[Technical Summary] provide a tape recorder of the head drum assembly, the assembly including the head drum, and brake drum seat, under the head drum with the drum rotating drum and connected to the next on the drum, the drum linked with the board seat and tilt relative to the board to support the head drum, the brake for the braking pillar base of the pillar bases loaded for the tape to the head drum, the drum under which the system processed by the model. Thus, reducing the number of components and simplifies the processing and assembly processes.[Technical Summary] The present invention relates to a transducer to tape and the / write access to the method and device area, the need to record the whole range, in particular the edge of the tape and tape heads can achieve the same . Bearing in the rotary transducer end face of the transducer is usually and write information on track across the arc of the tape, basically the transducer along the arc-shaped path through the transducer has a transducer is basically path of the center line of the rotation axis of the / write area, usually near a / write area of the tape support system, positioning the tape so that the transducer along the / write position pressed into the tape surface.[Technical Summary] The present invention relates to a transducer to tape and the / write access to the method and device area, making the need to record the whole range, especially in the edge of the tape and tape heads can achieve the same . Bearing in the rotary transducer end face of the transducer is usually and write information on track across the arc of the tape, basically for the transducer along the arc-shaped path through the transducer and the transducer path has basically the center line of the rotation axis of the / write area, usually near a / write area of the tape support system, positioning the tape so that the transducer along the / write position pressed into the tape surface.[Technical Summary] A cassette recording / reproduction device in which the release of the tape cartridge operation, the cam drive shaft 28 is cam 31 recoil, tape cartridge release lever 51 in the cam drive shaft 28 driven by rotation, so that Cidai chamber cartridge tape cartridges 1 is the release of the release lever 51 along the direction of tape cartridges available. The device includes a control device 50, for positioning adjustment of the cam drive shaft 28, so that within a fixed range 12 a certain degree of freedom, and in the cam drive shaft 28 by the rotation of the swing cam 31, the middle of the range 11. Therefore, the cam drive shaft to prevent the release of the tape cartridge tape cartridges during the violent collision of the release lever.[Technical Summary] This invention relates to a tape cartridge unit cover the device on which the tape head is installed on the bracket, in which the head frame was placed on the cover is installed on the bearing components, and where the head of the different operating states can be in a different position relative to tape movement path of movement, where the head frame is supported on the bearing components, it can turn a given range, and in fact roughly perpendicular to the tape moving direction of the path to move, so the gap in the transition position, the head of at least two locations, as opposed to parallel to the tape travel path is in fact aligned position.[Technical Summary] In the recording device, especially in the VCR, we hope to use various sizes of cassette tape and has become a norm. Therefore, we must identify the size of cassette tape and appropriate agencies to change the disk center. According to the invention of the device has a winding in the load during operation between the regulator and the load drawer of the mechanical coupling, mechanical coupling of the cassette tape if the inserted large regulator has no effect on the winding, and in the small load cassette tape formed by a regulator with the identification and winding regulator of mechanical . The mechanical coupling is the formation of a U-shaped bar, the location of the U-shaped rod is inserted into the cassette tape by the decision.[Technical Summary] A has a tape cartridge in the disc brake and a tape cover. This is covered with tape protection side, parallel to the side wall of the cartridge shell extension, and with the pivot mounted on the side wall, the tape disc brakes have a brake plate bodies may be in the position of the brake release position and freely between the brake and was biased toward the detent position. tape a piece of the brake disc and the shell side wall located between the a device to keep the tape disc brake plate and side walls engage each other, thereby protecting the cooperation between the two, with the tape opening the cover automatically release the brake.[Technical Summary] In the tape recorder to have a choice in the tape recorder volume status are positive and negative volume to volume with the device, it has used to control tape device volumes in the state is measured with a tail as automatically or by artificial to selectively change the volume with the positive and negative direction, but also as measured with the tail tape recorder automatically shut down leaving the state, so it can re-enter the volume status is such that the first tape is always toward the positive direction.139-BG46654 cassette tape recorder, put equipment 8
140-BG46654 tape recorder camera 1
141-BG46654 belt-driven tape cartridge reel 8, no vibration
142-BG46654 belt-driven anti-friction tape cartridge reel 3, no vibration
143-BG46654 cassette recorders 5
144-BG46654 radio, cassette tape players with 6186-BG46654 magnetic materials can be used for magnetic layer with tape, tape, strip and sheet of the device189-BG46654 slender, storage devices and storage devices using storage in a tape loop with replication system193-BG46654 with tape recorders, etc. to push the top box device214-BG46654 cassette tape device assembly including the assembly of the equipment with the device and cartridges, and the cassette tape device241-BG46654 Tape Recorder and Player with the computer system, anti-twist265-BG46654 longitudinal tape recording system, used in the system tape device and tape device in the head used386-BG46654 carriers, especially for recording tape cartridge shell parts and auxiliary
387-BG46654, especially with the box body with a cartridge box
388-BG46654 for tape recording / playback equipment, a tape loading device397-BG46654 magnetic tape recording and reproducing apparatus, the lid opening and closing system404-BG46654 cassette recorders for audio signal recording format, method and apparatus452-BG46654 digital HDTV, digital tape recorders489-BG46654 information signal recording method, tape recording and reproducing method and information509-BG46654 angle trajectory in the tape recording and / or from the track in the video signal and audio signal playback device, and the tape for the device
510-BG46654 video cassette recorder
511-BG46654 video information recording and reproducing apparatus and method, and video tape535-BG46654 reproduction of electronic equipment and has a record of the removable cartridge body
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