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Related Content automated design of a broken burglar alarm What are the steps how to do circuit may also need to note . 2 using the half-controlled thyristor type devices such as, lamp dimmer design , (circuit schematic. 1 circuit works . I made an alarm, it can provide a schematic for the big brother (indicate vitality of detailed points with the 2262 regulations . 1 and 2272 the two devices supply temperature alarm alarm circuit 4 / SCM test / 51 needs-based components and circuit 3 See the problem with the theme: broken alarm circuit working principle of a total of 3 other answers
You have no schematic yo! But a brief speech, that is, when broken, to relay a signal to activate the alarm with the relay. Parameter is based on the requirements of the circuit is to determine the electrical voltage level of the original, model, and so on. Respondents: shanmu001 |
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Alarm bell for the password as shown in the circuit. The alarm is controlled by password Manifold IC1, music integrated chip IC2, monostable IC3, Offbeat integrated chip IC4, amplifier, and blood pressure, voltage regulator circuit. Buck regulator circuit which provides the entire circuit is 9V DC voltage. Password Manifo

alarm circuit diagram

ld IC1 RS7225 produced by Philips four-digit password for integrated circuits, its internal logic function block diagram in Figure (b) below. I1 ~ I4 for the order in which the input select terminal. External circuit with eight password key AN1 ~ AN8, which is useful in four key password key, as shown, and its corresponding ,14 IC1 pin connection, the password is "1436", and the remaining four for the error key. Only when the password in order input to I1, I2, I3, I4 when each side, IC1 order within the memory set. Consistent with, its only outputs a line with feet short pulse. Also, only a limited period of time in order to press the unlock "1436" key, to make IC1 feet high from the low flip to pull the relay J, J1-1 break open, open the door to avoid the police. Accordingly, 1C1 feet short pulse output trigger music integrated circuit IC2 (9300) released a song, tell a friend to.
If not properly within the specified time password by End key, or chaos by, the IC1 pin outputs a pulse width of = 15 s of the positive pulse, so that the moment of turn-BG3 tubes, flip-flop IC3 pin goes low, 555 set. pin output high. IC3 and R7, C5 form a single state delay, delay time of the alarm, asked for the td = 1.1R7C5, parameters shown in the figure corresponds to about 2 minutes. IC3 output high in period (2 minutes), four analog audio integrated circuits IC4 (KD9561) was added voltage, the output of the music signal through BG4, BG5, and bi-amping TDA2822M amplification, issued a harsh warning to promote the sound of the speaker.
If a thief breaking burglary, the normally closed reed Gj for door prize, a permanent magnet magnetic ZT to the disappearance of the two s to be closed automatically and the supply voltage VDD through the thousands of reed Gj, resistance added to the R4 BG3's base, so BG3 turn, set 555, the output of the high level so that the alarm circuit, the alarm everywhere. When the owner came in the door. Pressing the correct password keys, so that IC1 pin output high. J pull the relay, J1-1 off, power off the alarm, the alarm will not occur.
Figure C2 is a time limit in the capacitor, when the C2 10 F to take when the time limit of 12 seconds. Proper operation should be completed within 12 seconds. This circuit has the dual function of the doorbell and alarm, and only on the doorbell Password familiar and press within the specified time, it rings reported to, and for the "stranger" or burglary are breaking, then the alarm.

As shown. Circuit for the BG1 by the b R1 provides bias voltage pole. In the alert state, b bias voltage through the security line S to ground short circuit, BG1 does not work. In case of Pirates of the situation, S is disconnected, BG1 immediately energized work. BG1 emitter current through R2 trigger SCR turns on, LED indicator light, IC output alarm signal, the BG2, BG3 composite amplified to drive the speaker playback. Even when re-connected to S, also according to reports is not wrong, just turn off the power to lift the alarm, so has the anti-destructive.
Component Selection
All components are common parts, and its value as shown in Figure mark. IC is one of four tones CW9561 alarm blocks, wiring through different methods, different alarm signals can be obtained. Of course, visual needs and conditions of use of other types of manifold. Y is 8 small treble or bass speakers.
Some explanations
1. R1 values as large, and together constitute the electronic switch with the BG1, not only high sensitivity, but also greatly reduces the alarm limits of vigilance state in their own power. This is one of the salient features of the circuit. After measurement, alert state, the circuit power consumption is about 5 A about three AA batteries can be used more than six months. The use of more than four years to prove effective.
2. Directly with a fine enameled wire cordon, can also be used ordinary multiple soft wire, remove the insulation, the house one by one out of thin copper wire, and then were linked head to tail, length as required. Note that it is necessary to have good s, but also to keep hidden and easy to break.
3. If the alarm sound too small, can make the appropriate changes to the circuit, such as increased power supply voltage to increase the output power.
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the alarm circuit has a single 555。 scillator/timer(u1)performing . when the delay circuit times out,pin 3 of u1 goes low and ties thepositive end .
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the circuit diagram of the alarm, together with a tabulated list of most of the components is shown above. for example, the circuit diagram simply shows "r1 6k8" whereas its .
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this is a simple single-zone burglar alarm circuit. i've used a 9-volt battery in the diagram - but the circuit will work at anything from 5 to 15-volts.
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i n this circuit, the alarm will be switched on under the following four different . copyright ? www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com 2010 - all rights reserved.
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circuit diagram
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