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bnc coaxial connector 晴

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Taizhou high port Yate Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Company description: Taizhou City, Stuart High Port Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a coaxial connector, pigtail adapters, feeder head jumper, communication cables, such as Siemens, L9, single-mode multi-mode, 7 / 8 1 / 2 , SYV-75 Series, BNC / SMA Huawei, flange, converted series, the unit board, Ericsson, Huawei, fiber optic distribution
Main Products: coaxial connector pigtail adapter communication cable feeder head jumper multimode single mode such as Siemens, L9 7 / 8 1 / 2 SYV-75 Series BNC / SMA flange conversion series Huawei cell board Ericsson Huawei's base stations, fiber optic distribution equipment NEC Nokia Digital Distribution Frame Window Feeder and terminal cards, clay (DDF / ODF)
Products online talk show Electronics Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou
Company description: show Electronics is a professional design, production and sales of RF coaxial connectors business. 9 existing engineers, and other types of engineering and technical personnel 29 people. Since the creation of the enterprise modern management and technological transformation has been strengthened to achieve the products are CAD aided design and computer network management, the company's existing products, RF,Product List online to discuss two-Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. Danyang
Company description: Our company is located in prime locations with the Yangtze River Delta, the traffic is very convenient (aviation, canals, provincial,

bnc coaxial connector

national highway). My company mainly produces high-tech electronic products, such as RF coaxial connectors, antenna part of the parts. Since its creation 90 years I have been many famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish good cooperative relationship andProduct List online to discuss the macro Feida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin
Company description: Tianjin Wang Fei Da Electronics Co., Ltd. is the production and sales of various RF / microwave coaxial connector, and the RG series coaxial cable, connector components, and machining expertise. Connector species include: SMA, SMB, SMZ (BT43), SMC, MHF (mini connector for wireless mobile communications), MCXProduct List online to discuss Shenzhen Yi Shun Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Description: Shenzhen Yi Shun Technology Co., Ltd. is a circular connector, waterproof connector, the metal gas connectors, the power module connector, metal push-pull locking connectors, military connectors, medical equipment connectors, audio and video connectors and other products, professional production and processing of the limited liability company. The company's products and lemo connectionProducts online talk show Electronics Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Company description: show Electronics is a professional design, production and sales of RF coaxial connectors business. 9 existing engineers, and other types of engineering and technical personnel 29 people. Since the creation of the enterprise modern management and technological transformation has been strengthened to achieve the products are CAD aided design and computer network management, head of the company's existing product lines F
Main Products: cable television equipment coaxial connector F head, RG6 BNC rg59 RG11
Product List online to discuss Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kang Okinawa
Company description: Kang Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Okinawa City, Okinawa generous Shenzhen Company Ltd (general corporate taxpayers), is a professional in the electronics, telecommunications, digital, network components such as 3C industry R & D technology and precision machining services production enterprises. At present the company R & D and productionProduct List online to discuss the text Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, County
Company description: Founded in the county paper in 2005, the factory is located in IT production is concentrated, Changan Town, Dongguan, the company focused on the connectors, wire components production and sales, is the connector product development, mold making, production molding manufacturing entities. A variety of connector products insertCompany description: Taixing Haisheng International Ltd (Headquarters) is a coaxial cable, feeder, feeder connectors, coaxial connectors, communications antennas, feeder clamp, grounding card feeder, waterproof clay belt, coupler, power divider device, a road, jumper, cable box, feeder windows, and other products specifically support railProduct List Online discussion World Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu
Company description: World Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu, coaxial connector, barrier from, fiber optic jumpers. Professional production and processing of products such as private limited liability company, headquartered in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, Jiang Zhuang Industrial Park Shop Diao, Jiangsu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has a complete world, scientific quality
Main Products: coaxial connector barrier from the fiber optic jumpers.
Product List online to discuss Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kang Okinawa
Company Description: Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a generous Okinawa PogoPin, battery connector, phone connector, coaxial connectors, precision metal stamping, precision metal lathe parts, precision metal products such as plastic mold production and processing of professional limited liability company, Headquartered in Shenzhen Baoan District Town Tong MeiCompany description: Sinovac communications for the country to produce a RF coaxial connectors and communications equipment consisting mainly of specialized enterprises, enterprises to introduce a large number of technical and management personnel, with sophisticated processing equipment and strict means testing, continue to provide our clients with innovative, reliable products.Products online talk music together, Humen, Dongguan processing hardware store
Company description: The company specializes in producing various types of SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, FME, PAL, F prime series RF coaxial connectors, and production of electronic. Computers. Lighting. Appliances and other kinds of precision metal . accessories. We have a superb technical expertise, first-class design and manufacturing personnel, according to a variety of clients work
Main Products: SMA antenna MCX MMCX PAL head head head F coaxial connector nuts, screws, bolts brass pins lathe PIN needle laser copper fittingsCompany description: three benefits of electronic components in Zhenjiang City, located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, is the development, production and sales of RF coaxial connector of the professional manufacturers, with strong technical force and advanced testing equipment, on several occasions for national key projects. Some products are exported to Japan, the United States, Middle East, EuropeCompany description: Changzhou Peng Department of electrical accessories business located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province High-tech Development Zone, China's Auto Parts City - Bangladesh town is self-created self family company, founded in 2008, August 1 , specializing in production and processing: RF coaxial connectors, high-precisionProduct List online to discuss City Cham Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Description: Dongguan City Cham Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the company set up 4 years. The company has professional production experience, strong technical force, complete processing equipment, complete testing equipment, computer network management application ProENGINEER and CAD technology. Production process in full accordance with ISO90Product List online to discuss a four-star Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang
Company description: Zhenjiang Four Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhenjiang four-star Electronics Industrial Company, founded in 1993) was established in 2008, is the early production of various types of connectors professional enterprise. Our company has strong design and production experience, the existing staff of 150 people, has a sound processing equipment and strict qualityProducts Online Meeting to discuss Shenzhen Rong Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company Description: Shenzhen Rong Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in exchange sales in Japan Murata MURATA full range of products, while operating TOKO TOKO, too lure TAIYO, AVX, Sagami SAGAMI, Samsung SAMSUNG and other products. For your long-term supply of inductors, beads, filters, crystal, thermistor, tunable capacitorsFull Life Products Online Chat (Zhongshan) Electronic Co., Ltd.
Company description: Full Life (Zhongshan) Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the great revolutionary forerunner Sun Yat-sen's hometown - Zhongshan. Since its establishment in 1996, the company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the "customer satisfaction as the goal" principle; provide our clients with quality service
Main Product: BNC SMA SMB MMCX SF TNC CABIE RCA FME 1.6/5.6 UHF RF connector audio connector coaxial connector SS
Products online discussion is precision Electronics Co., Ltd. Ningbo, China
Company Description: Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. Ningbo, China is, NingboHZ (Huazheng) PrecisionElectronicsCo., Ltd. Is located in the vibrant Zhejiang Province (ZhejiangProvince) Ningbo City (NingboCity) Jiangbei Investment Zone, covers an area of 20 acres, from the North London to Hong Kong 50 km. Is aProduct List online to discuss Murata Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen
Company description: Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, is a professional sales agent Murata (muRata) / TDK electronic components company stocks include: (Murata capacitors, inductors Murata, Murata beads, Murata filter, the village Tianjing Zhen, coaxial connector, antenna switch, RF head, Murata thermistor, Murata Pai Yung, MurataProducts Ningbo Halls negotiating online communications equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company description: Ningbo Halls Communications Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional communications network physical connection equipment businesses, was born in the beautiful City - Ningbo. The main products are fiber optic connector products, radio frequency coaxial connector products, integrated wiring products series. After years of developmentCompany description: Cixi Hu Shan Chong Joint Network Communications Equipment Factory (Commerce) is the main distribution frame (cabinet), digital distribution frame (cabinet), fiber distribution frame (cabinet), Integrated wiring cabinet, network wiring frame, cable management, Cat5e, Cat 6 modules, various types of security units, security terminal block, test terminal block, fuseProducts online talk Sheng Electrical Co., Ltd. Changzhou
Company description: Changzhou Xinsheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang Industrial Park, Wujin District, is a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors, coaxial surge arresters, digital distribution frames, connectors and antenna accessories and other products, expertise, self- inception in 2001, continuous development and expansion of production scale, the companyProduct List online to discuss Shunde District, Foshan City, Union General Electronics Factory
Company description: Our company was founded in 2006, is located in Shunde District of Foshan City, specializing in manufacturing of precision high-frequency coaxial connector, the product line are: F, TNC, BNC, PAL, SMA, SMB, and metal products and plastic products . My company has a stable quality and timely delivery.Product List online to discuss and Technology Development Center, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Company description: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Development Center under the Jiangsu Zhenjiang Long Electronics Co., Ltd a technology entity, is a professional RF coaxial connector manufacturing company. RF / microwave devices is of Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Department of Engineering Design and Research Institute (the Academy of EngineeringCompany Description: Our factory is located in Zhenjiang City, New Industrial Park road, mountain next to the water, a beautiful and convenient transportation; is a set of international business, trade, finance and information center of the emerging modern new area. Our series of professional development and production of radiator products, is the power semiconductor devices supporting cooling components, applicable to allProduct List online to discuss Kim, Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Communication Equipment Factory
Company description: Cixi Xiaolin Lin Jinyu Communication Equipment Factory is a dedicated main distribution frame (MDF), Digital Distribution Frame (DDF), Fiber Distribution Frame (ODF), integrated wiring and other product development and marketing; in the vast user's care and support, all the staff continue to forge ahead. The main products are: card access module, the security arrangements
Main products: main distribution frame (cabinet) Digital Distribution Frame (cabinet fiber distribution frames (MDF cabinet Integrated Distribution Cabinet Network security unit of the type of network and communication tools over coaxial connector Category 5, Category 6 Module Information panel fiber optic transceivers fused fibers and fiber jumpers, pigtails
Product List online to discuss Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, dry rose Optical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company description: Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, dry rose Optoelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is located in Zhenjiang hi-tech development zone, the company is production, R & D, sales of Posts and Telecommunications, telecommunications products, electronics and other high-tech accessories. In recent years the company continued to expand, the products are exported to Europe
Main Products: connectors coaxial connectors microwave passive optical communication connector RF connector coaxial connector coaxial connector feeder posts and telecommunications, grounding, line cards and arrester SMA, SMB MCX, MMCX BNC, TNC, N , UHF
Excellent online product list to discuss Electronic Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou
Company description: Electronic Co., Ltd. Yangzhou excellent coaxial connectors, communication connectors, pigtails, and other products of professional production and processing of the limited liability company, headquartered in Jiangdu 200 River Road, Yangzhou gifted Electronic Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Excellent Electronic Co., Ltd. of YangzhouProduct List online to discuss Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhongshan billion
Company description: Electronic Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, ETRADE RF coaxial connector is the industry leader in developing, manufacturing and sales, the main research and development and production of connections, load, adapters, cables, etc. including F, BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, N, PAL, RCA, UHF, MINIUHFCompany description: The company is the collection of research / development / production / manufacturing / sales of large-scale CATV / HFC broadband network equipment companies. Our main products are light receiving devices 1550/1310 bi-directional amplifier 5-860MHz, 5 -1000MHz integration of passive components, high physical foaming CProduct List online to discuss Kai Yu Electronics Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
Company description: Kai Yu Electronics Co., Ltd., in February 2004 was founded in Taipei in October 2004 and build factories in Dongguan City Liaobu more than 200 employees, is specialized in producing various types of headphone jack connector products. Kai Yu have the best product development, production, assembly, sales and after-sales service system of one-stop harmony? Product List online to discuss the Nanjing Jin Xin Ying Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company description: Nanjing Jin Xin Ying Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in a communications products for many years. Sales. Maintenance in one of the professional company. The main products are the United States 3M products. Involving industrial tape products. Electrical Communication Engineering Electrical and communications products. Power Engineering. installation required accessories (antenna
Main Products: indoor and external to the window feeder card 3M tape, clay earth ground terminal copper coaxial connector coaxial cable connector box feeder card
Product List online to discuss Xin Feng Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, three Thai Rubber Products Factory
Company description: Xin Feng Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, three Thai Rubber Products Factory is located in the beautiful scenery, with a cultural atmosphere of the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Canal - Xinfeng town, Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu. The main products are C-band, KU band LNBF accessories, CATV connector, probe, Teflon water ring, all kinds of aluminum and various types of communication
Main products: high-frequency head accessories plastic products rubber products TEFLON insulator hardware accessories waterproof coaxial connectors first class ring F SMA connector SMB connector Iron Bronco MCX connector BNC connector TNC connector probe of zinc alloy products, plastic core conductor shrapnel
Product List online to discuss Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Ryan
Company description: The company mainly engaged coaxial connector, RF connectors, lightning arresters, lathe machine processing. The philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the "customers first" principle to provide our customers with quality service. Welcome customers to visit!
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bnc coaxial connectors. all connector bodies, unless otherwise. noted, are nickel plated. bnc coaxial connectors. brass shell. 112162. 01 nickel. delrin. 50. a .
2013/07/01 00:53
bnc coaxial connectors
2013/07/14 06:07
bnc male crimp connectors – 50 ohm & 75 ohm. description: l-com offers . utilizing these connectors along with our bulk coaxial cable and crimping tools assures .
2013/07/31 03:25
bnc connector - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2013/08/28 01:53
bnc connector - crimp - rg59, rg62 - male - 2 piece from computercablestore.com for rg59 . connector is a very common type of rf connector used for terminating coaxial cable.
2013/09/01 17:05
bnc connector - crimp - rg59, rg62 - male - 2 piece .
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coaxial connector adapters. coaxial adapters. coaxial adapter kits. coaxial adapters. find electrical, impedance or electronic connector adapters for any bnc connector, sma .
2013/09/25 04:46
coaxial adapters - connector adapters coaxial - electrical .
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isotec provides quality rf cable connectors, rf cable assemblies, and rf components . bnc series are the most widely used bayonet lock. coaxial connectors with 50 ohm and 75 .
2013/10/23 10:31
rf connector - bnc coaxial connectors by isotec
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value priced f coaxial cables, f coaxial splitters, rca coaxial connectors, rg58 bnc connectors, rg58 coaxial cables, rg58 terminators, rg59 bnc .
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coaxial cables, connectors and terminators
2013/11/10 00:38
series bnc rf coaxial connectors are developed according to the specification mil-c-39012, with the bayonet coupling mechanism, which have the advantages of quick .
2013/11/25 19:55
bnc coaxial connectors, bnc connectors, rf bnc coaxial .
2013/12/04 05:11
bnc coaxial connectors for rg58. use this bnc connector along with a coaxial crimp tool and a stripper to create a finished rg58 cable with bnc type ends.
2013/12/06 01:01
bnc coaxial connectors for rg58
2013/12/07 08:38
bmi specializes in the purchase and sale of optical and electronic test equipment. bmi is a family-owned business that has thrived by offering quality .
2013/12/13 02:43
results for cable connectors:coaxial connectors:bnc
2013/12/20 06:32
bnc coaxial connector. connector type:adapter; convert from:bnc plug; convert to:dual . connector type:adapter; convert from:dual binding post; convert to:bnc jack; .
2014/01/02 21:18
pomona|1269|bnc coaxial connector | newark.com
2014/01/12 03:56
bnc is another popular coaxial connector, it doesn't screw or push on like an "f" type plug, it has a bayonet style connection where you push .
2014/01/29 11:15
bnc coaxial connectors for rg59
2014/02/01 20:21
coaxial connectors. huber+suhner are leading suppliers of rf connectors with many years of . mhv connectors are of similar design to bnc connectors but the .
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coaxial connectors
2014/02/08 14:20
ideal coaxial connectors are available in two grades. a premium specification grade . a variety of connectors handle different termination types, cable size, .
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ideal industries, inc. - bnc coaxial connectors
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yourbroadbandstore offers premier coaxial connectors including f-connectors, rca connectors and bnc connectors at competitive prices.
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coaxial connectors - f-connectors, rca connectors, bnc connectors
2014/03/05 04:11
below, i present a digest of important information about coaxial connectors. the specifications for n, bnc and tnc connectors are found in mil-c-39012.
2014/03/07 03:00
common coaxial connectors
2014/03/07 06:53
coaxial bnc product listings on alibaba.com - choose quality coaxial bnc products from large database of coaxial bnc manufacturers and suppliers at alibaba.com.
2014/03/07 06:53
coaxial bnc - coaxial bnc products manufacturers on alibaba.com
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. connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, rf cable connectors, cable terminators, bnc connector, mmcx, coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, flexible .
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bnc coaxial connectors - dongjin ti
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yilian electronics specialized makers of high-quality cable connector including crimp connector,compression connector,bnc connector,rca connector, coaxial connector, .
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crimp connector, compression connector, bnc connector,rca .
2014/04/01 22:11
the bnc product line is a miniature quick connect/disconnect rf connector. bnc's are ideally suited for cable termination for miniature to subminiature coaxial .
2014/04/06 19:00
amphenol connex- bnc connector series
2014/04/18 13:01
newer bnc connectors have been developed that can handle sdi-hd as well. coaxial cables were still being used; therefore, the bnc connectors were ideal due to the .
2014/04/26 11:41
bnc connector
2014/05/02 21:57
bmi specializes in the purchase and sale of optical and electronic test equipment. cable connectors " coaxial connectors " bnc. 1064-2 kings high voltage bnc receptacle .
2014/05/19 04:58
results for cable connectors:coaxial connectors
2014/05/19 16:56
connector type:bnc coaxial; series:bnc; body style:straight bulkhead jack; . connector type:inter series coaxial; series:bnc; body style:straight .
2014/05/25 02:14
multicomp|13-25|rf/coaxial connector | newark.com
2014/06/01 16:04
cables n mor, inc has a wide selection of rg58, rg59 and rg6 bnc coax connectors. quantity discounts are available.
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bnc coax connectors rg58 rg59 rg6 coaxial connector
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