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East Asia School of Business has a wealth of international academic res, broad and practical curriculum, excellent teaching quality and facilities, outstanding faculty, improve the employment service, outstanding employers of graduates are welcome to the world, beautiful campus, active students, taking care of international students .
East Asia School of Business, Singapore (East Asia School of Business, called EASB) is formally approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education's Institute of Higher Education and registered. With its excellent quality of teaching, whether in Singapore or in the international community has enjoyed a high reputation. The Government of Singapore Quality Class for Private Education to grant Singapore (SQC) certification and accreditation by the Chinese government. EASB oriented employment of students and is committed to providing the current international advanced business and management courses. Course credit by the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 widely recognized by many universities. When students have completed the first year and second year undergraduate courses, will be awarded the internationally recognized university in East Asia School of Business and Advanced Diploma; completed the third year bachelor
As part of the curriculum, including the famous hotel in Singapore for six months (4-5 stars) paid internship program, and have access to the hotel and tourism industry in the UK a full ye

degree in facility management

ar of paid internship, during which the monthly salary of about £ 1,000, including room and board
highly flexible curriculum, students may choose to complete in Singapore or in the UK, Australia or New Zealand university to complete the final year of degree courses ITTEL by the school's sister company, International Executive Search Ltd recommended employment services for graduatesEvery January, April, July and October are now offering new classes. Students in professional courses before entering this English test to be unified, then tests based on the actual standard of English in East Asia School of Business study 12-2 months, ranging from primary or Indah Business English Business English Intensive Course. Students can choose to have some foundation in English directly into the undergraduate courses the first year of school, but when entering the third year of undergraduate courses, a student must pass the East Asia School of Business Indah III examination in Business English with IELTS 6.0 or the level of degree granted: college, college.College to provide students in Singapore and 6 months of paid internship.
Students choose subjects paid internships throughout the year in Europe, and then complete the degree course in the UK.
Enrollment and other professional information, please Kim Gillette South Asia DepartmentThe Diploma program requires students to complete the seven subjects. After completion, students will be Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma.
High school graduate or equivalent certificate.The Diploma program for 6 months, divided into four semesters. 12 weeks per semester, which includes 11 weeks of classroom instruction and 1 week of study hall. The examinations were arranged in the twelfth week.
This course is composed of 7 main subjects, as follows:
Students must pass all subjects of the course (6), to get EASB awarded Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism. Assessment of each subject, including the performance of 30% of the class, 70% of the written test scores and class performance, including scores of case studies have been published in magazines or reference to evaluate articles, laboratory assignments, research reports and tutorials on the performance. Students must pass all subjects of class, performance assessment and written examination.Comprehensive introduction to this subject fascinating and challenging tourism. Through the gradual involvement in this exciting industry, this course allows students a taste of the passion of this unique industry. Topics include travel, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and leisure, games, meetings, ethnic customs, and various exhibition.
Hotel and Tourism Marketing
This subject introduces the basic concepts of marketing and applications, aimed at deepening the understanding of students so that they can be balanced in practice, the purpose of the organization and the res and the needs of different customers and global market opportunities, thereby make the right decisions. Topics include tourism marketing, service features, the 4P of marketing theory, market segmentation, market positioning and target market.
Management front desk
This course introduces the organization and operation practices and prospects of the concept, designed to provide participants in practice by a good team together to complete the task. Topics include organizational structure of the hotel, front desk staff, duties, booking, hotel business cycle and room management.
Catering Services Manager
This course introduces the basic catering service management concepts and applications management services designed to enhance student knowledge, improve skills and provide quality services planning methods. Topics include service management, menu development, catering services, style and procedures, services, equipment and supplies, equipment design, decoration, cleaning and maintenance.
Hotel and Tourism Management Accounting
Mainly on hotel and tourism undergraduate application of the basic concepts of accounting. Also presented reports on the financial and accounting information design principles of knowledge. Topics covered include double entry recording system, the application of the concept of basic accounting, cash flow statements, financial statements, financial ratio analysis, asset and debt assessment and measurement.
Travel System
The subject structure of the system for tourism and industry diversification comprehensive introduction to the principles of operation of the tourism industry. Also introduces students to the development of the tourism industry of transportation, geographic, economic, social, cultural and environmental knowledge, and tourism policy and planning.
Internship Program
This course offers students an opportunity to use the training program to the hotel and tourism management concepts and principles during the internship period, students will be able to practice-related subjects on hotels, resorts, flights and tourism knowledge.
Undergraduate courses: Hospitality and Tourism Management2 Chinese university graduates can apply for exemption not more than four related subjects (accounting and computer to enroll students who had no counterparts in the profession, not directly into the second year)
3 relevant vocational qualification certificate
The Advanced Diploma course for a period of 12 months, divided into four semesters. 12 weeks per semester, which includes 11 weeks of classroom instruction and 1 week of study hall. The examinations were arranged in the twelfth week.
Students must pass all subjects of the course (7), to get EASB awarded Advanced Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism. Assessment of each subject, including the performance of 30% of the class, 70% of the written test scores and class performance, including scores of case studies have been published in magazines or reference to evaluate articles, laboratory assignments, research reports and tutorials on the performance. Students must pass all subjects of class, performance assessment and written examination.This module introduces students to sales and service of meeting the basic concepts. The aim is to encourage students to develop understanding and flexibility in a changing competitive environment in the marketing strategy. Subjects covered include meeting environmental assessment and reof sales and marketing plan preparation and organization, and implementation.
Human ReManagement
This module provides students with knowledge and strategic thinking about the organization of employment relations and human remanagement guidelines. It is committed to developing the ability of students to adapt to new technologies and management have become increasingly diverse and skilled workforce. Subjects include job analysis and job design, planning, recruitment, selection and identification, training and development, employee performance appraisal, remuneration, incentives and subsidies.
Room management
This module allows students to understand the concept of the hotel industry room management. Subjects covered include room management responsibilities, planning and organization, inventory, security, management of the store laundry, room cleaning and utilities.
Restaurant Management
This module allows students to master a variety of improving service quality, efficiency, productivity and technological methods to meet the needs of today's guests. Subjects covered include food and beverage operations of the organization, management, marketing, nutrition and menu based on the standard food cost and price policy, production, service, food hygiene and safety, facility design, layout and equipment.
Business Accounting
The modules include information on financial reporting and the preparation of accounting principles. Its purpose is to give students more practice opportunities, including addressing the problems in practical work, norms of ethical behavior and solve complex problems. Subjects covered include the double entry recording system, financial statements, cash flow statement, accounting standards, financial ratio analysis, and quantitative assessment of assets and liabilities.
Hotel management
This module allows students to learn how to increase the efficiency of hotel management principles. Its purpose is to enable students to gain business skills to attract more customers, reduce costs and give full play to the potential of employees. Subjects covered include hotel operations management, asset protection, improve employee performance, productivity and management of supply and demand management and improved quality.
Internship Program
This course offers students an opportunity to use the training program to the hotel and tourism management concepts and principles during the internship period, students will be able to practice-related subjects on hotels, resorts, flights and tourism knowledge.
Queen Margaret University, Bachelor of Hotel and Tourism Management
Queen Margaret University was founded in 1875 to provide health care and higher education in subjects such as home economics. Time over the past few years, the Institute has become the subject has a solid foundation, mature and well received by the outside world center of education. At present, it is the expertise in education and research into the performing arts, communications, media and information research, tourism and hotel management, natural sciences, business and other areas.
* British Queen Mage Li Sturt University (QMUC)
the British Government at a public university, a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities
After the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom qualification, their qualifications recognized by the Chinese governmentThe university is a business, management and the main provider of information programs. Especially in its hotel and tourism, e-commerce and medical health care professionals and other professional fields reputation.
In support of the East Asian business schools, students can now study English in Singapore, the University of Queen's Mage Li special degree programs. After successful completion of credits, issued by the university obtained a bachelor's degree. The degree and studying in the UK exactly the same school district.
QMUC with professional bodies and employers have a wide range of to ensure that the courses offered meet the needs of employers, to enable students to obtain knowledge and skills required.2 relevant professional qualification certificates
3 TOEFL 550; IELTS 6.0 or EASB-ETEDP Certificate III in Business English
Students wishing to exemption from the relevant college courses or exempti,2,3 older programs, we will assess the actual situation of the students. Also, students must provide proof for reference.
12 months (4 semesters, each semester of 3 months)
- All hours of the twelve months to complete in Singapore.
- QMUC teaching staff on-site instruction, the local tutor support.
- Online guide through the virtual classroom.
Complete the courses of study, Queen Margaret University College The University will grant Hospitality and Tourism Management degree.B3001 - Tourist Attractions Management
The education model to help students learn critical evaluation attractions and leisure facilities, the demand and supply, to help students master a range of attractions and leisure facilities management and marketing principles, procedures and systems for comprehensive and applied to practice, train students on the ground Report on study skills and preparation.
B3010 - culture, food and hotel services
Education to introduce students to the culture, food and hotel service concept, instill attitudes in society and behavioral factors influence dietary knowledge and awareness.
B3026 - International Business
The educational model to introduce students to choose to operate in the international economic environment, the hotel and tourism company's operating philosophy, the problems and examples to help students understand the operation of the international market, the company's strategy and management methods and used in practice.
B3028 - the management of hotels and tourist facilities
The mode of education to develop students understand and apply management techniques, procedures and skills in, management strategy and management objectives to understand the relationship between the students analyze, synthesize, and strict evaluation of facilities management in some of the variables involved and applied to the industry the ability of students to make decisions with the ability of information systems.
B3038 - Research Methods
The education model is designed to train students to understand the role of supporting information, the literature on the type of secondary data reand understand the role of quantitative analysis, and learn to design, implementation and analysis of simple consumer surveys, learn to use the knowledge of qualitative data collection and analysis to understand the role of qualitative analysis and research topics according to the definition of an appropriate research method adopted.
B3041-management of small businesses and entrepreneurs
The education model is designed to identify and evaluate small business role in the economy, to teach students to become entrepreneurs in the basic skills necessary to help students to establish ideas, evaluate their own small business the problems involved.
B3045 - Management experience
The mode of education to help students rethe work environment in an industry in the learning process, written in the form of written reports and oral statements, and thus something acquired to evaluate the experience of some outstanding work environment made rigorous analysis and evaluation.
Foreign Language
The subjects are designed to help students build a solid foundation of language and vocabulary, so to improve their skills. Make them a complex social environment in the area become a fantastic and professional. Through role playing and simulation exercises to enhance students confidence and improve their speaking and writing skills. For future career and prepare for formal social occasions.
Introduction to East Asian Business Schools
College is located in Henderson (Henderson) campus covers an area of 7,500 square meters, is Singapore one of the largest private institutions. Equipped with modern teaching facilities including spacious classrooms, lecture room, multimedia room, library, computer facilities, student dining hall, sports grounds, basketball courts, badminton courts and so on.
First-class teachers:
All teachers are registered through the Ministry of Education and qualification, most of them have more than 10 years of teaching experience in this industry. School Management Committee, the Academic Committee and Examinations Committee members are drawn from the education sector and the business community, senior executives, they have many years of education management industry experience and a wealth of academic res. To ensure that the innovative curriculum and combine with the current industry. Ahead from the students to the needs of today's new economy and the challenges facing them.
EASB for international students to provide comprehensive and efficient student services, college students, senior consultants will provide professional consulting services. International students apply for visa applications only need to submit a full set of back to school for a visa without an interand pay the security deposit, visa processing cycle, just 4 weeks. Institute also be approved visas to provide students with the airport, accommodation, medical and other services. The Committee will regularly active student organizations and arrangements varied extracurricular activities, including sports, competitions, outings to enable students to learn in a tense environment to relax.
For the latest study in the most professional information, please call 010-65685656 or 380 experts to study online for your FAQ "
2012/02/22 16:30
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