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[Recommend] [Photo] Suzhou Suzhou thousands of Trane air-conditioning cooling refrigeration equipment service company in order to better serve our customers, is hereby established
24-hour service Tel :2,340
Finn is almost the history of steam and they settled in Finland as old as time. The early Finns not to bath heated stones, but to in the cold winter night, do not take care of the fire all night, can also be heated by the piles, saving a lot of stones to maintain the indoor heat temperature. Soon, people discovered that splashing water on to the rocks, the faster rise in temperature, and learned to adjust the size by controlling the amount of splashing water high and low temperature method, so many people in the house near the corner of the ceiling construction of a small platform to enjoy the heat steam to bring their warmth, comfortable, and this is the early
Beijing swimming pool equipment repair service center equipment maintenance department is specialized in high-end equipment, pool equipment, bathing equipment, recreational equipment, sports equipment, SPA hydrotherapy equipment, equipment maintenance company, the company also provides equipment, pool equipment, bathing equipment, recreational equipment, Sports equipment, SPA spa equipment, equipment and supplies, swimming pool supplies, toiletries, recreational supplies, sports supplies specialized services in high-end hotels, recreational bathing places and sports fitness center.
Since its inceptio

facility maintenance services

n, with strong technical strength and exquisite spirit of innovation ahead of the company and the steam engine, furnace, water pumps, sand tanks, thermostats, heat exchangers and related products, several series of well-known brand companies, products import inspection by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and Administration of Quality Inspection.
Company has been engaged in professional, high-end bath, swimming pool design and construction and equipment installation, and accumulated rich experience in the planning design, construction around the country a lot of different types of swimming pool, whirlpool, spa pool and water features, with many hotels, leisure and real estate development company established a good cooperative credit relationships.
Company's current products and projects include:
Equipment, supplies:
Include: indoor, outdoor rooms, wooden door, glass door, stove, oven wire, furnace control, explosion-proof lights, furnace slag, barrel, wooden spoon, warm (wet) meter hourglass. Bath room features include: Gem Rooms, jade room, agate room, fire room jade, crystal room, bath room of gold, silver bath room, bath room Wong, charcoal bath room, sauna room.
Steam bath equipment, steam bath supplies:
Including: steam room, steam room door, the steam engine, steam heating, steam engine controller, valve, solenoid valve, level probe, fragrant steam bath steam nozzle.
Swimming pool equipment, swimming pool supplies: including: circulation and filtering equipment, such as water pumps and sand tank.
Pump included: hi live (Hyward) series pumps, Bimei (Premier) series of pumps, Andreas (Astral) series of pumps, Gros (Coates) series of pumps, radar (Minder) series pumps, as well as accessories to provide a large number of pumps.
Sand tank, including: Gros (Coates) sand tank (sand tanks), tanks and other security Pu sand, and a large sand tank accessories, such as the Ministry of the sand cylinder operation (number of valves), sand tank dedicated gauges, seals available.
Heating temperature equipment, such as: plate heat exchanger, electric water heaters, thermostats and accessories, such as heat transfer film heater.
Disinfection equipment, such as: ozone sterilizer, blue white (Blue white) dosing pump, dosing devices, drugs bucket, disinfectant chlorine pill (film).
Cleaning equipment: smoke pollution machine, suction hose pool, deep leaf net, leaf net in shallow water, telescopic rod, wall brush.
Water quality testing equipment, such as: water quality of the U.S. radar detector, satellite (Chemtrol) Water Process Monitoring.
Swimming pool underwater lighting equipment, such as: underwater light, pool lamp, transformer.
Swimming pool shore equipment, such as: stainless steel escalator, slides, lane lines, lifeguard chairs, non-slip mats, non-slip flooring, non-slip surface Grate Drainage, drainage grating, life buoy, platform, springboard.
Swimming equipment, such as: water curtain fountain, Yajing fountain, water, mushrooms, making waves machine, hydraulic nozzles, water pump, surf the wind pump.
Swimming pool pipe fittings, such as: UPVC pipe fittings, butterfly valves, ball valves, Special Pipes pieces, three, out of the water control, drainage, overflow, etc. Leisure equipment, sports equipment, water treatment equipment:
Such as: SPA tub, water bed, Victoria Ki-bath, medicated bath machine, capsule, sauna, UV bath, oxygen tanks, SPA room, foot bath chair, bed, Cuozao bed, tub, foot barrels, beach chairs, beach beds, sun umbrella.
Swimming pool construction, bath projects:
Including standards for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, small swimming pool and non-standard swimming pool, paddling pool, baby pool, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming pools, a variety of baths, spa pool, such as surfing pools, ice pool, spa pool, ginseng pool flowers essence pool, bubble pool, pond cypress, water, pool Health & Wellness, acupuncture pool, beer tank, milk tank, Wong Nai pool, pool is salt bath, rotating worm pool, tropical rain forest pool, bubble pool, fountain pools .
24-hour service Tel :2,340Address: No.18, Haidian District, Beijing Wukesong
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