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Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the IT infrastructure of hardware and software maintenance warranty and technical support services procurement tender notices Region: Guangdong
Details: Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the IT infrastructure of hardware and software maintenance warranty and technical support services procurement tender notices
Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Center by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the commission, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of IT infrastructure hardware and software maintenance warranty and technical support services for public procurement bidding, welcome to meet the qualifications of suppliers to bid.
A, purchase item number: GPCGD103132FG127F
Second, procurement Project Name: Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the IT infrastructure of hardware and software maintenance warranty and technical support services
Third, the procurement budget: 30 million
Fourth, the project content and requirements: (procurement project specifications, parameters and requirements)Bidders must bid on the package contents all bids, consortium bids is not allowed.
Fifth, supplier qualification:
1. Have signed up and get the project procurement documents.
2. Bidders should have independent legal personality, able to bear the civil liability of legal persons registered in the

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PRC, through the year examined. Required to provide business license, tax registration certificate copy.
3. Tenderers should have issued the State Secrecy Bureau of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province classified computer, communications and office automation equipment, point repair and maintenance certificate.
4. Tenderer must have an effective date approved by the Ministry of Information Industry and the computer information system integration in two or more qualifications.
5. Tenderer must have an effective date issued by the State Secrecy Bureau involving state secrets computer information system integration (B) qualification.
6. With the "Government Procurement Law" provisions of the twenty-two conditions, the tender to provide commitment letters.
VI, qualified suppliers should be July 30, 2010 until August 2010 between 6 Date (office hours, except legal holidays) to the Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Centre (Address: 118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou City, No. 8th floor of 810) to purchase tender documents, tender documents priced at 150 yuan (RMB), express mail service.
VII Deadline: at 9:30 on August 20, 2010
Eight, the tender documents submitted Location: Guangzhou City, one of 118 Yuehua Road, 9th Floor, 903
September, Bid Opening, Evaluation time: at 9:30 on August 20, 2010
X. Bid Opening, Evaluation Location: Guangzhou City, one of 118 Yuehua Road, 9th Floor, 903
XI publicity of tender documents / : file nameMr Chu, Mr Ng87185268,8718521987185268,87185219
Yue Hua Road, Guangzhou City, one of 118
Provincial Road, Guangzhou City, the compound of a gregariousBank:Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Center this information comes from - China Construction Tendering ( bidding for the construction industry professional website
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