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[Tags: ] Add Time : originally published : Popularity: 27 articles total 2092 words, 2 pages, current page 1, fast page:A power company substation 224 220kV circuit breaker B in a burst phase, porcelain pieces and scattered in the circuit breaker interrupter fault phase components around the individual vase flying 20 meters away debris, 220kV bus bus differential protection action, jump 201, 212,223,224 breaker. For 1, 2, the main change in the pressure side of the parallel operation, fault did not cause load loss.Circuit breaker type HGF 114/1A, institutions FkF1-2, 1987 10 factory, rated current 2000A, short-circuit breaking current 40kA/2s, action times 438 times, 17 June 1989 and put into operation. No failure on-site operation, maintenance work, and the voltage level of the station outlet equipment trouble-free, normal operation of circuit breakers 224, SF6 gas pressure is normal.220kV BP-2B, RCS-915 bus protection actions are, jump bus coupler, jump mother exports, the second is short-circuit current 88.12A, converted to a short circuit current is 21.1kA, bus differential protection the correct action, 5ms exports 35ms jump 201,212,223,224 breaker.
(1) B-site inspection phase 224 circuit breaker insulator on the part of the two burst components interrupter porcelain pieces and scattered around in the B-phase circuit breaker, did not damage surrounding equipment. Most traces of debris-free ablation of insulator for landing after the break. Circuit breaker,

faulty circuit breaker

wiring blocks, respectively, under the lead out to the breakers with both sides, B-phase circuit breaker had burned around the lawn signs, three-phase circuit breaker in the off position agencies.
(2) circuit breaker main , good between the , no obvious signs of erosion. In the main with the intermediate pressure between the cylinder as the leading wall of the body blows, upper ablation led torch, in the middle off with the pressure cylinder, the between the fixed copper ring intact. Section of insulation on the connecting rod and the moving pieces of iron were blown, insulated rod connected with the moving pieces of iron off the connection, the next section of the middle insulating connecting rod and rod iron shed, the upper and lower sections are insulated rod outer arc blackened burning. high voltage switching network
(3) The circuit breaker 224 of the station into operation in June 1989 has not had any defects, and did not conduct any repair work. 2001,2002,2003, respectively, had been three times short-circuit breaking current, the maximum short circuit current is about 20kA. July 13, 2006 were SF6 gas slug test, November 1, 2006 for a preventive test, the pilot project for the insulation resistance and loop resistance measurement, the normal test data and with previous experimental data showed no significant change.Points of failure within a gate buffer circuit breaker body checks and found that sub-gate sealing gasket as the aging buffer, the buffer has been in the oil seepage or evaporation, the buffer is no longer the buffer oil. Analysis that the sub-gate buffer unbuffered result of this oil is the real cause of circuit breaker failure.
(1) When the buffer is no buffer sub-gate oil, circuit breakers are each sub-switch operation will lead to a greater shock impact of the internal parts, causing many parts to shake loose after impact. Symptoms can be judged by the fault phase circuit breaker insulation due to vibration shocks and connecting iron rod, pressure between the cylinder and loose joints.
(2) May 11, 2007 the last circuit breaker closing, the loose between the pressure cylinder and connecting parts torn off, down the middle slide with the fixed copper ring, so that as the leading body of the pressure cylinder and power guided flashlight around 1mm between the gap created between the two began to discharge ablation, ablation caused a further widening of the gap between the two. When the gap increases to a certain extent, resulting in insulated iron rod connecting the middle and lower flange connection plate gap insulation breakdown, discharge ablation, eventually leading to pressure cylinder and the guide connecting rod iron torch and burned, while the middle and Fixed copper rings still intact. high voltage switching network
(3) the pressure cylinder and connecting rod guide torch discharge and iron within the iron flange on the intermediate discharge ablation ablation of large quantities of metal and metal objects falling down the steam, full of porcelain insulating rod attached to the inside and on the resulting insulation reduces the outer surface of insulating rod, insulated rod end causing insulation breakdown, flashover discharge on the ground.
(4) fault circuit interrupter two discharge points of the body heat generated by prolonged erosion caused by the discharge point of significant decline in mechanical strength around the vase, when the insulated rod-to-ground flashover discharge, protection Tripping. No longer due to the buffer within the buffer sub-gate oil shock caused by sub-gate led to decreased mechanical strength of porcelain broken circuit breaker body collapse, making porcelain, and the switch internal components scattered around.224 of the station circuit breaker failure is due to breaker sealing gasket for aging buffer, the buffer in the oil seepage, evaporation and other reasons before the failure of oil-free buffer, the buffer function failure, making the switch points when the shock is too large gate , resulting in the middle of the pressure of the cylinder from falling; pressure cylinder and guided flashlight, connecting iron rod iron pieces and the middle flange gap discharge occurs, the pressure cylinder, guided flashlight, connecting iron burning; discharge produced by burning ablation material and metal vapor corrosion insulated rod attached to the surface of insulated rod caused by external insulation reduce and, ultimately, for the right to flashover discharge; protective actions in trip circuit breaker vibrations, resulting in mechanical strength caused by temperature drop vase broken circuit breaker body collapse.here to copy the address to send this page to your QQ / MSN friends on the articles of outdoor applications in Rural 10kV circuit breaker opening and closing of the field switching points of dangerous misuse isolation switch , the heat-treatment is rejected isolation switch opening and closing the deal with the main change spindle the tap emergency oil leakage accident prevention switch blast damaged technical measures to counter external wiring connected PC should be added to the relay output point HXGN -10Z ring vacuum switch installation and Commissioning station auxiliary power to run the second power ring counter plug Practice New High Voltage Switching System Application GBC PC wiring outside the cabinet should be added to take the relay output point 10kV switchgear installation of special high-voltage accident after PT vacuum circuit breaker spring mechanism design 10kV, SF6 load switch specification for quality control SF6 insulated ring main unit or the whole circuit of the technical characteristics of power distribution cabinet - million-volt switchgear technology roadmap developed a new type of vacuum with the implementation of the program load isolation switch operating mechanism of the development of switch cabinets and terminal cleaning of the second line GW7
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