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Sound of GN Resound Swiss
Strong parent company - Denmark Great Northern Group
Hearing the sound of Swiss parent company of the Group of Great Northern Group was established in 1869, is the first in the world of communication, communication, and hearing of medical equipment of large cross-listed companies. Group's principal activities include hearing aids, hearing test equipment, Bluetooth headsets. Great Northern Group, a subsidiary of Swiss group and hearing the sound of great northern communications equipment with a range of products produced by the world's leading acoustics and listening techniques, and relying on a strong technology and medical industry background to make our products available in the functional analysis, sound handling the many outstanding features. In speech signal processing, more user features showing a real speech. The core of many advanced technology widely used to make the Great Northern Group's products become the industry leader.
GN to focus on the cause of human communication
Great Northern Group is a professional hearing focused on solutions and personal communications exchange equipment, high-tech companies. With her and hearing the world's top acoustic techniques and technological achievements with strong IT, communication to allow people to become more smooth, comfortable.
Hearing the sound of Swiss GNReSound Great Northern Group Group is dedicated to the production of hearing test equipment and development of solutions f

hearing aid programming cable

or multinational corporations hearing rehabilitation. Using cutting-edge science and technology, help the hearing-impaired hearing to resolve problems, improve interpersonal communication and improve the quality of life.
GNNetcom is the Great Northern Group specializes in the production of consumer electronic communications products. The company's main products include GNNetcom headphones, jabar Bluetooth headsets. These products with its clear call quality and the unique human comfort as the world's major call centers and the general acceptance of choice for a family car.
Hearing the sound of Swiss Group
Hearing the sound of Swiss Group is committed to improving the quality of people's lives, the majority of hearing to provide first-class hearing solutions to help them re-experience the wonderful sound world.
Hearing the sound of Swiss Group is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Switzerland, hearing the sound of professional groups began in 1943, mass production of hearing aids, since a large Nordic Group, with strong technology and strength of the acquisition, merger Dan Maida that Fu (Danavox ), Philips (Phillips), the United States reasonable sound (Resound), the United States Bertone (Beltone), Austria Wiener pass (Viennatone), Denmark Madsen Madsen, Germany Houtman Hortmann and other famous brand hearing aids and hearing equipment, more than 20 countries around the world have set up a direct subsidiary, and its sales and service network all over the world, more than 80 countries and regions.
Hearing the industry's most comprehensive technology leader
As a global technology leader in hearing aid industry, the Swiss hearing the sound of Silicon Valley and in the U.S., Copenhagen, Denmark has the world's most advanced hearing technology research and development centers, and created the industry's first digital software platform, with advanced digital hearing technology and medical background IT , the Swiss developed the sound of hearing aid fitting with the fitting that matches the software, training software and audio software, personalized fitting solutions to ensure users are more comfortable to wear and listen.
Hearing the sound of Swiss Group is able to provide all existing types of hearing aids with different grades of products, which includes a powerful software features 3D computer software programming digital hearing aids, and various types of analog hearing aids.
Product types range from traditional to open the deep canal, ear canal, ear type, and the mysterious ultra high-power BTE series of invisible hearing aids.
Hearing the sound of Swiss Group. Asia
In 1986, the Swiss group sound of the first international hearing hearing device manufacturers to enter China, has long been concerned with and committed to using scientific methods to help hearing impaired people to return to the wonderful sound world. For the majority, including China, Asia, and the people can enjoy better access to products and services, Swiss sound of Hearing Group was established in 2002 in Shanghai, the Asian business center.
Looking ahead, the company will continue to innovative products and professional concepts Xpert Way expert fitting and perfect after-sales service network in China hearing rehabilitation efforts and make greater contribution.
Hearing the sound of Swiss History Group
In 1869, the Swiss parent company, Great Northern sound of Hearing Group was established as the world's first dedicated to communication, communication and medical technology companies.
In 1870, the Danish Great Northern Group to help China in Xiamen, the first laying of submarine cables, opened the prelude to China's long-distance communication.
In 1943, the predecessor of Swiss Group of hearing the sound of that good fortune was established and began specialization, mass production of hearing aids, and provide users with customized hearing solutions.
In 1986, the Swiss former Dan Maida sound of that good fortune Audiology Group was established in Xiamen, Xiamen Egret hearing Dan Co., Ltd. established in China to become the first hearing of a multinational company, to bring advanced technology to China.
In 1999, the Swiss parent company, hearing the sound of demolition of the Great Northern Group owned more than 400 million U.S. dollars acquisition of the world's leading hearing aid brands, became the world's largest hearing aids and hearing diagnostic equipment manufacturer.
In 2002, the Swiss hearing the sound of the Asian Group headquarters moved to Shanghai to set up the sound of Swiss Asia Business Center is dedicated to the development and promotion of appropriate hearing aids and hearing rehabilitation Asian products.
In 2003, the Swiss group split sound of RMB 5 million capital, covers an area of nearly 1 million square meters of new plant built in Xiamen, the world's largest hearing aid production and supply base.
In 2004, the Swiss Conte sound of the new series of 3D digital hearing aids simultaneous listing in the world. The series has the world's leading 3D technology, the best hearing solutions presented to the user.
In 2005, the sound of Sweden awarded the "highest growth in the global hearing aid sales," the award.
In 2006, the Swiss hearing the sound of the Ministry of Health Collaborative Group, co-sponsored a China Disabled Persons Federation to "Hearing the Future" in the name of five-year plan, China deafness prevention.
Ruisheng of corporate culture, shaping the first-class workforce
Hearing the sound of Swiss cultural group is the world's thousands of years the efforts of staff results, including performance, innovation, responsibility, trustworthy and honest sound of Swiss culture, so that both the production, research, service, or management personnel are cited to proud, but also create a technology as the backing, focus on the efficient management team to customer demand for the way forward, with high quality products, high levels of service delivery with the spirit of enterprise wealth.Hearing the sound of self-Swiss Group to enter China, we have been a positive commitment to social responsibility and empowerment-line, quality products and technical services in the people who need our help. Currently, Switzerland has become the sound of hearing aids hearing aids the most popular consumer brands, and a fitting choice for many celebrities, the sound of Swiss hearing aid so that more people realize their dreams.
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sound is generated in the hearing aid for hearing aid wearers who suffer from tinnitus. of hearing aids without any hearing aid connection/programming cable.
2012/06/06 15:56
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the eli has a tiny module that attaches to the boot of your bte hearing aid. if you have a bte hearing aid with dai capability, and a hear buddy dai cable, you can.
2012/06/10 09:38
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please carefully read the enclosed instructions to begin enjoying your new hearing aids. carefully insert the cable plug into the programming socket.
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hearing instrument user manual
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custom cable development available for advanced or non-traditional programming interface applications . interface between any hearing device and remote programming devices.
2012/10/21 17:49
programming accessories : knowles
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