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hibernate vs shut down 晴

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Off: the end of the operating system of all procedures, keep the stuff should be saved, close the windows, turn off the power. Reboot to re-initialize all the hardware and software have the advantage is clean, the downside of the machine is slow, have to wait.
Sleep: the current windows operating system memory into the hard drive, and then turn the power off, start again from the hard disk to data directly into memory, when the state of recovery sleep. Benefits are: sleep and start fast, always sleep, save the current working state, without fear of data loss.First, the characteristics of sleep function
Compared with the normal boot process, hibernation has the following characteristics:
1. Can always go to sleep, no need to store all the work, and close one after another application. Sleep is saved because the current "state", all open programs, settings and arrangement of windows and so will not change.
2. Startup and shutdown of the process quickly, relatively normal shutdown and boot, suspend to disk (STD) the time required to wake up to more than 20% faster, and suspend to RAM (STR) of the shutdown and boot process takes 5 seconds minutes.
3. For notebook computers, when the battery is running out and who can not get external power supply, when to sleep quickly is to ensure that the current work will not only lose self-protection methods.
Second, the classification of sleep function
Desktop and notebook computers also have characteristics of slee

hibernate vs shut down

p mode, sleep mode the latter generally more comprehensive and complex. But on the whole can be divided into STD and STR methods, and the latter subdivided into S1, S3 and S1
1, "standby" power management mode
Mainly used in power-saving standby mode, this feature so that you do not need to reboot the computer can return to work status. Standby mode to turn off the monitor and hard drive, fan of the types of equipment, so that the whole system is in low power state. When you use the computer again, it will quickly exit the standby mode, and the desktop (including open documents and programs) back to enter the precise state of waiting.
To lift the wait state and re-use the computer, move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard, or quickly by ing the computer's power button.
Please note! Described with the following "sleep mode" is different from the standby mode is not saved on the hard disk storage is not information that is only stored in computer memory only. If during a power outage, the information will be lost. Therefore, before the computer in standby mode should save the file. If you want to leave your computer to automatically save your work, you can use sleep mode instead of standby mode. However, the sleep mode will turn off the computer.
2. "Dormant" power management mode
In the use of sleep mode, you can turn off the computer and be sure to come back all the work (including not enough time to save or close the program and document) will be completely accurate to the left to restore the state. The contents of memory stored on disk, turns off the monitor and hard drive, but also save energy and reduce the loss of the computer. In general, the computer time required to lift the sleep state than the time required to lift wait longer, but consume less power sleep mode.
If you work is often interrupted, as some secretarial job, usually for computer processing side to side had to answer the call, etc., you might consider setting the computer specified number of minutes after entering sleep mode automatically. Sleep mode will save the entire contents of memory to the hard drive, turn off the monitor and hard drive, and then shut down the computer.
To restore the computer for, you can quickly the power button on the computer, turn off the computer all open programs and documents will all quickly restored to the desktop.
Typically, a period of time off the monitor or hard drive can save power. If you want to leave the computer a long time, should put the computer into standby mode state, so that the entire system will be placed in low-power state; If you want to leave the computer for a long time or a night, you should put the computer in hibernation.
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Shutdown and sleep are not the same. They shut down the different starting points.
Is to shut down all your running programs are closed and the terminal to wait for the calculator answer before shutdown, long time, next boot, have to restart all programs and wait for the server must reply to the terminal, also affect the boot speed.
Sleep is the state of your current system was shut down, so time is short, and the next boot will soon return to the state when you last shut down, speed up the speed of the computer starts. The same point is all completely off, not consumption electricity. So I suggest you shut off the drop-down choice when using "sleep" way off.
A short time away from the machine (less than 1 hour), use the standby ", 1, was shut down screen to reduce the re-start of significant screen damage, 2, the lowest power consumption of the host to start with and keep you away from the machine state, came back inventory of the mouse, that is back to normal.Further details about: 1 Turn off the monitor - was not on screen, but the host is still working hard .2 off - turn off the system 3, system sleep - were all off screen and the host does not consume energy, but maintaining the original computer is turned off when you get state, the next boot quickly return to your last used state.4 off this way is recommended. standby - a short time away from the machine, (less than an hour or less), which was shut down, but the host screen to the lowest power Start with consumption, and still keep your machine from the state test was used when the of a mouse or press a key at random, were bright screen, and will soon be able to continue to operate. consecutive days with, of course, with sleep, that is usually also applied 'Sleep '. I have been using hibernate "shut down, the effect is very good, do not believe you try it! sleep on and off with the hard disk can not continue to , unless the only significant off-screen or not to move, in fact, now tools, the unfinished, the next boot, you can then come to, that does not drop the ball.
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