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Relay ladder logic diagram follows a number of painting and concepts:1. Bus on each side of a vertical ladder of public bus (Bus bar), and some PLC save the right of the vertical bus (such as the OMRON series PLC), between s and coil bus, with a short line connections.
2. s within the PLC I / O relays, auxiliary relays, special function relays, timers, counters, shift register of the normally open / closed , are shown in Table 3-2 with symbols, usually alphanumeric string or I / O address label. is essentially a one memory, the logic state and the on-off relationship between the state shown in Table 3-2, this in the PLC program can be unlimited in reference. placed on the ladder on the left.Table 3-2 s, the coil symbol
Explanation of symbols commonly known name for the s normally open s 1
Application Instruction Set Mitsubishi FX2N
Application program flow instructions
1, FNC (CJ) jumps
2, FNC01 FNC02 FNC06 (CALL SRET FEND) subroutine
3, FNC03 FNC04 FNC05 (IRET EI DI) interrupt handling
4, FNC07 (WDT) Watchdog timer
5, FNC08 FNC09 (FOR NEXT) program loop
Data transfer, application instructions regional comparison
1, FNC10 (CMP) compared
2, FNC11 (ZCP) Regional Comparison
3, FNC12 (MOV) command to send applications
4, FNC13 (SMOV) instructions shift data applications
5, FNC14 (CML) data transfer application instructions RP
6, FNC15 (BMOV) bulk transfer
7, FNC16 (FMOV) multicast application instructions
8, FNC17 (XCHP

plc ladder logic symbols

) data exchange
9, FNC18 (BCD) BCD to BIN conversion
10, FNC19 (BIN) will be converted to BIN BCK
Arithmetic logic application instructions
1, FNC20 (ADD) Addition Application instructions
2, FNC21 (SUB) subtraction
3, FNC22 (MUL) binary multiplication
4, FNC23 (DIV) binary division8, FNC27 (WOR) logical or
9, FNC28 (WXOR) binary logic of exclusive or exclusive
10, FNC29 (NEG) complement code
Rotation, displacement application instructions
1, FNC30, FNC31 (RORP, ROLP) left and right rotation
2, FNC32 FNC33 (RCRP, RCLP) carry identification containing the left and right rotation
3, FNC34, FNC35 (SFTRP, SFTLP) bits of data left, right
4, FNC36, FNC37 (WSFRP, WSFLP) character data left, right
5, FNC38, FNC39 (SFWRP, WFRDP) character data write and out the displacement
Data processing application instructions
1, FNC40 (ZRST) regional data reduction4, FNC43 (SUM) ON the total number of bits
5, FNC44 (BON) ON position to judge
6, FNC45 (MEAN) average
7, FNC46, FNC47 (ANS, ANR) alarm output and reset coil
8, FNC48 (SQR) square root
High-speed instruction processing applications
1, FNC50 (RER) input / output signal processing immediately
2, FNC51 (REFF) change the input response time
3, FNC52 (MTP) matrix input
4, FNC53 (DHSCS) Comparison of high-speed counter setting
5, FNC54 (DHSCR) Comparison of high-speed counter reset
6, FNC55 (DHSZ) Regional Comparison of high-speed counter9, FNC58 (PWM) pulse width modulation
10, FNC59 (PLSR) acceleration and deceleration pulse output
Hong application instructions
1, FNC60 (IST) operating state setting step
2, FNC61 (SER) Comparison of multiple data
3, FNC62 (ABSD) Absolute control
4, FNC63 (INCD) relative to control
5, FNC64 (TIMR) adjustable timer9, FNC69 (SORT) data sorting
External display application instruction set
1, FNC70 (TKY) 10 button input
2, FNC71 (HKY) 16 button key input
3, FNC72 (DSW) DIP switch
4, FNC73 (SEGD) 7 segment LED decoder
5, FNC74 (SEGL) 7 segment digital scanning
6, FNC75 (ARWS) arrow to switch to adjust the external set
A total of 5 other answersWhy do you say ed. Did not say clearly what it is. Function you: is in turn open the program, followed by pressing the open x0, x2, x4, followed by the corresponding output y0, y1, y2. Stop x1, three have been closed. Stop x3, then y1, y2 stop. Stop x5, y2 only stop. A programming course is to the software, ah, did not say understand what to do. I wonder if you will not use software or how? Respondents: mining ants |
Four | 08:57
X0 to X5 corresponding to five input port, you control the program should be what the three motors or lights, press the X0 Y0 output and after the self-locking, and then enter the X2. Y1 can have output and self-locking, and finally the X4 and Y2 output and input from the lock. X1 X3 X5 Y0 Y1 Y2 are used to control the stop, you can imagine inside the X button, without the slash is normally open is normally closed with a slash, with the circle of the Y are the two vertical channel s The Y is the or s. Own understanding about it. Respondents: System answer |
Four | 14:18
You must first have GX-develop programming software to see what your series PLC hardware, assuming you are Q series where you have to select your option in the system used by a module of each type, and after the can programmed, X input, Y is the output points, X0 is normally open (action connected), X1 is normally closed (no action is connected), so you can see the logic related, or Y0 is a normally open self-locking program to learn a lot about the Mitsubishi, come slowly. Respondents: pgysy |
A | 09:06
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