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Space scientists are now faced with the same cry issued: "We are the only intelligent life?" Over the years, the human has never been stopped in the exploration of an alien civilization, but in addition to s real magic of UFO records and film director imagined, we almost nothing.
Scientists are looking forward to the distant space aliens to respond. What can they do? They look like? Is the mortal flesh, or upright?
For aliens, human beings have a set of academic conjecture and inference. First, a suitable mild conditions in the solar system planets, from the chemical reaction to produce the original of life, we know, this phenomenon is widespin the universe; Then, in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest mode, from the among those whose lives will eventually evolve an intelligent life; Finally, the lives of those most advanced research and development that can communicate in space technology to launch the rest of the universe, radio waves or other bands of various signal.
Astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 Packard invented a famous equation deduced extraterrestrial life - now we call the "Drake Equation", he passed the equation and optimistic to assume that in our galaxy there are a lot of intelligent life, and we can find them depends entirely on the civilization capable of interstellar exploration period.American Research Center, SETI scientists to explore Seth Shostak believes that human beings can not be met with, as described in science fiction movies

melfa industrial robots

, soft, sticky kind of alien life, and more likely to be some kind of intelligent machine. He Silicon Valley, California, based on scientific progress, put forward a conjecture: There should be a possibility in the evolution of human life at some stage in the development process, with more progress in science and technology, we can create some sophisticated artificial intelligence objects to inherit our human civilization. If in space, there are other more advanced civilizations, then millions of years, they would probably have to create machine intelligence. Therefore, we will be able to detect the alien is a machine intelligence, not intelligent creatures like us people.
This was accepted by many scientists. To understand this from the man himself was talking about, in fact, have been probing the human dream of stars, but to get out of the solar system, galaxy and out into the distant stars is not easy. Since the vulnerability of human beings as well as technical reasons, in the early stages of space exploration, human beings themselves can not afford to launch a huge load, can not long stay in space, can only rely on remote control robot. Therefore, the first robot into space to play before the array, and then send humans to keep up much safer.
We have some robot sent into space. Such as Voyager, Mars Pathfinder and other robots can be a lot of scientific data transmitted from the distant outer space to the ground in the control room of the human race. NASA experts are also developing artificial intelligence research to test a remote control robot assistant, if the scheme is implemented, it can make the space between the detector and satellite command more extensive exchanges and make them through mutual exchange of information to adjust their instruction motions, such as control of satellite attitude and so on. Exchange of information between the robot who is somewhat similar to a telephone conversation between.
Eventually, the man-made detectors will have a certain degree of independent thinking and self-reproduction. Our solar system from the nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri galaxy has 425 light years away, if we send a spacecraft there, it will not be able to remote control it, not to mention remote control of the lander that cruise above the planet. We do not even know what the lander to get there in the end what kind of situation will face, what kind of tasks to perform. Therefore, the detector, it will be able to make it with a smart self-repair ability, even to the independent design and manufacture of new machines. 50 years ago, a Hungarian mathematician von Neumann first proposed the idea that intelligent machines, so now that intelligent machines usually referred to as "von Neumann machine."
Some scientists believe that this is for sure: If there is a certain kind of extraterrestrial life and human ambition to get in touch, they encounter in the universe will be our first manufacturing intelligent machines; the same token, if we have access to aliens, then perhaps the alien robots.
Alan Taff is a professor in the University of Toronto, he holds that . Taft believes that after 50 years we can not only create a smart artificial intelligence robot, the robot will be the spirit of the emotions. Other biological civilization may have created a long time ago such a robot, and these robots may have to the Earth. Although we like to see those aliens look like the goldfish, as we are a group of strange interesting animals, but the curious nature will encourage them to communicate with us.
Perhaps in the moment, flying around our universe was very strange for us, alien robots, such as frequently visited our planet all kinds of flying saucer, which stars in the vast interstellar quick walk through the between the smart, but those who make their flesh creatures, there may still only be in one occupies a lonely planet, where they live for the fragile ecosystems beds many.
Some scientists even believe that advances in nanotechnology will make the robot get smaller, maybe those aliens seeking sent to the detector, only the fleas so much.
But scientists are concerned that the robot's development will bring some negative effects. Robots may have witnessed the founding fathers to create their creatures (human or other biological) nature of cruelty, not just their good side, it makes intelligent robots infected with this human habit, which may cause the extraterrestrial exploration and research into another arms race, this is not the nuclear weapons race, but the field of intelligent robots fight alien race.
Moreover, the intelligent robot can if really invented it, thinking those who have the ability to judge the robot will become very good, very quick action, they may even turn to rule human beings to human civilization may be to interrupt. We can imagine, if the robot's intelligence is a human ten to eighteen times as high, who ruled when the time for us who may not be the final say. Of course, some people believe that all life is produced in the competition and conflict, and if the words of human beings come from monkeys, this does not mean that we put all the monkeys turn kill. Robots can not kill the human race, but it may only allow a week for a meal we eat, we have to y to accept such a reality.However, other experts of extraterrestrial civilizations do not think so, they feel completely underestimated Seth Shostak aliens may have biotechnology, smart bio-technology can be mix of organic whole organisms and machines, combined to create a new body and mechanical biological species.
These scientists believe that even human beings are not always living on Earth, human curiosity, human development, science and technology, must make human beings taken the earth, into the broader space life.
Humans have been trying to develop artificial intelligence, intelligent robot with the development of manufacturing technologies, biotechnology and genetic theory of earth-shaking revolution, I believe the human species to evolve the stagnant status quo will not be too long. Genetic engineering and other biotechnology advances will allow an organism with a higher capacity and longer life, which can create for yourself smarter, stronger astronauts. Moreover, with advances in technology, artificial intelligence robot and human is entirely possible to combine artificial intelligence machines can learn from humans in some of the "Aura", and we human beings get along with the machine after a long period, will be fuzzy biological of the boundaries between mechanical, so the future will no longer be pure, as now, the biological nature of man. In fact, in this context man is now showing some signs of mechanical: the heart as implantation in the heart of Kai Bo device, a chip implanted in the brain and so on. The future people may be a name change, and that is an "electronic person."
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