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Shanghai Fuji servo motor servo controller agent brand FUJI-Fuji Product Type GYS-RYC-GYG-RYS Model GYS-RYC-GYG-RYS Date Features Fuji specified Agents (China agent) Wing Hing Electric Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of Hong Kong, Beijing East Road Shanghai, 431 Pine Lane, Building 5, 20-CD apartment room Mr. Huang Kaijiong 13816154615 Fuji FALDIC series of new products, W series inherited the , series has the characteristics, expressed as (standard configuration): - 17 high-resolution encoders with pulse 131072 - servo system with damping function with a standard feature - select the motor rated speed of rotation - can be selected and control consistent with the purpose of product details:
Fuji Electric designated agents (China agent)
Wing Hing Electric Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of Hong Kong
Evergreen Shanghai, Beijing East Road, Apartment 431, Building 5, Lane 20-CD Room
Mr. Huang Kaijiong 13816154615
Fuji FALDIC series of new products, W series inherited the , series has the features, performance for the (standard configuration):- To achieve a smooth low speed operation: standard with high-resolution pulse encoder 131072: a high resolution rotary encoder allows more stable and achieve a smooth mechanical operation.
- The maximum inhibition of mechanical vibration (original vibration control function): In order to solve the robot arm and other front-end vibration problem, the standard with vibration control function: can reduce the low-rigid mechanica

servo motor controller

l vibration, to achieve high mechanical beats running.
- With the supervisory controller to achieve integrated management of the parameters, standard with RS-485, 2 communications interfaces, the host controller and the servo amplifier between the use of RS-485 communication. Integrated management of the host controller can servo amplifier parameters.3, the servo analyzer function;7, ip67, over the globe.
Small inertia series (GYS motor) Rated rotation speed 3000 r / min0.05kW GYS500DC2-T2A RYC500D3-VVT2
0.1kW GYS101DC2-T2A RYC101D3-VVT2
0.2kW GYS201DC2-T2A RYC201D3-VVT2
0.4kW GYS401DC2-T2A RYC401D3-VVT2
0.75kW GYS751DC2-T2A RYC751D3-VVT2
With brake
0.05kW GYS500DC2-T2A-B RYC500D3-VVT2
0.1kW GYS101DC2-T2A-B RYC101D3-VVT2
0.2kW GYS201DC2-T2A-B RYC201D3-VVT2
0.4kW GYS401DC2-T2A-B RYC401D3-VVT2
0.75kW GYS751DC2-T2A-B RYC751D3-VVT2
Middle Inertia Series (GYG motor) Rated rotation speed 2000 r / min0.5kW GYG501CC2-T2E RYC501C3-VVT2
0.75kW GYG751CC2-T2E RYC751C3-VVT2
1kW GYG102CC2-T2E RYC102C3-VVT2
1.5kW GYG152CC2-T2E RYC152C3-VVT20.5kW GYG501CC2-T2E-B RYC501C3-VVT2
0.75kW GYG751CC2-T2E-B RYC751C3-VVT2
1kW GYG102CC2-T2E-B RYC102C3-VVT2
1.5kW GYG152CC2-T2E-B RYC152C3-VVT2
2kW GYG202CC2-T2E-B RYC202C3-VVT2
Middle Inertia Series (GYG motor) Rated rotation speed 1500 r / min0.5kW GYG501BC2-T2G RYC501B3-VVT2
0.85kw GYG851BC2-T2G RYC851B3-VVT2
1.3kw GYG132BC2-T2G RYC132B3-VVT2
1.8kw GYG182BC2-T2G RYC182B3-VVT2
2.9kw GYG292BC2-T2G RYC292B3-VVT2
With brake
0.5kW GYG501BC2-T2G-B RYC501B3-VVT2
0.85kw GYG851BC2-T2G-B RYC851B3-VVT2
1.3kw GYG132BC2-T2G-B RYC132B3-VVT2
1.8kw GYG182BC2-T2G-B RYC182B3-VVT2
2.9kw GYG292BC2-T2G-B RYC292B3-VVT2 Amplifier Applied motor [kW] Type Code 5.5 kW RYS552M3-VVK 5.5 kW RYS552M3-VSK
Built-in linear positioning, position control: 5.5 kW RYS552M3-LPK 5.5 kW RYS552M3-LSK
Servo motor 2.9 kW GYM292BC1-KC 11 kW GYM113BC1-KCRYS201S3-VVS RYS401S3-VVSRYS500S3-VSS RYS101S3-VSSRYS402S3-VSS RYS502S3-VSSGYS101DC1-SA GYS201DC1-SAGYS402DC1-SA GYS502DC1-SAGYC202DC1-SA GYC302DC1-SAGYC101DC1-CA GYC201DC1-CA * Servo amplifier: (can choose 3 control)
RYS-V type - pulse train / speed control type, according to the host controller, the pulse command, the analog speed command operation.
RYS-L type - containing linear positioning, ball screws, slotted rail, a small gear, etc. may constitute a linear positioning system structure.
RYS-R type - rotary indexing function built-in type, can be constructed ATC, tool storage, mobile machine decile level system.
* Servo motor: (can choose from 2 types)
GYS Series - low inertia type: and the old model (GRH series) compared to flange size is reduced to 1 / 2, to maintain high energy, but can be placed on the original, does not fit the narrow gap.
GYC series - the type of inertia: and the old model (GRH series) compared to the thickness dimension reduced to 1 / 2, the servo motor can be fully back into the internal machinery.
- Programming software available for the servo system can be intuitive development software.
- Parameter editing parameters can be adapted not only to copy, mechanical specifications can be automatically selected parameter.
- Monitor can be speed, position, torque waveforms of the control. (Graphical display).
- Fault diagnosis function, because when the alarm is speculated, may [not run], the diagnosis, you can use photographs, illustrations, text to determine cause of the malfunction.
- FALDIC-W Series 4 [F] of the concept, raise the basic performance, with efficient programming software, with instant mechanical self-tuning function.
- Set the time of the shortening can be achieved, the mechanical properties up.
- 600 times with 1 second reversing response (frequency response 600Hz), 1ms position control time control performance. Moreover, low inertia servo motor (GYS series) combination in high-capacity, high torque operation of the machinery used.
- With the programming software can be selected servo motor capacity, commissioning, repair and maintenance, fault diagnosis and other comprehensive support. Standard equipment control power input terminals for easy maintenance, the state cut off the power supply can also be maintained.
- Servo Motor with INC / ABS common form of savings in wiring 16bit serial encoder.
- Encoder cable has a power line 2, the signal line 2, line - And and servo amplifier, motor combinations to standard (same volume) mix or not to change other than to set the motor running.
- Host interfaces include [DI / DO], [RS485], and the company-specific SX bus, T chain.

Servo amplifier with 3 and 2 types of servo amplifier will expand the scope of application. But also to deal with overseas specifications. For more detailed technical information and prices please - Hong Kong Wing Hing Electric Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch User ReUser Reto
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