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As a convenient communication between parents and schools, the platform, "the school ICT" swept the past two years, and even some kindergartens in all primary and secondary schools, teachers inform parents effectively through this platform a variety of situations related to students and parents through this platform relaxed requirements for students to master teacher, after all, a modern, efficient and speedy management tool.
However, even the best new thing, if we can not effectively grasp the scientific use of artistic treatment, can also cause unintended consequences. "School ICT" is true - because some teachers lack the language skills, leading to anxiety, parents, students and even fear, weariness, "the school ICT" and other situations occur.In recent days, the reporter visited the eight, six in the Provincial Primary School, the three-way primary, Weiwu two small, Zhengzhou City Agricultural Road Primary School and other schools, the teachers here, students and parents to do the relevant investigations, The results showed that: Bacheng parents indicated above to accept the "school ICT", some parents of children with low grade is that of a "school ICT", the younger the child is not recorded because of work or job records and other issues will be overcome slow it, and low-cost, most parents are able to accept; Qicheng students that the "school ICT" and "supervision" under a lot of their own progress, because the parents through "School ICT" to grasp their own lear

side effects of zyban

ning conditions in this strain, he must show better, learning more and more under the efforts, progress is inevitable; almost all the teachers that "the school ICT" greatly facilitate the opening of their teaching work, eliminating the need for the parents, home visits and other time-consuming traditional means of communication, save time and improve efficiency.
"School ICT" to give the "side effects"
Some teachers use the "school ICT", the use of some of the less "polite" language of blame, criticism of children, harmful language many languages to encourage less parental anxiety and even lead to violent means disciplining children. "Mom, what is today the teacher gave you a text message it?" Some of the children began to be afraid in my heart, "the school ICT."
Li Jun (a pseudonym) is the second year in a middle school student achievement in middle class, "the school ICT" opened, he became the children did not want to go to school. "'School ICT' opened, the teachers often send text messages to tell our children how poor performance in school, such as the late, school sleep, work did not finish and so on. One received such a message, we are very angry, home always found after the children while in Wuhan. batches more and found that not only did not improve the situation, but worse. Now the children hated 'School ICT', do not want to go to school. "So the parents Mr Lee said.
"My kids never went to preschool, many children in the class for a year or even two years on pre-school, at the starting line of natural than our children, which have been normal, but the lack of the 'School ICT' to be amplified on to performance, some languages will lose confidence in our parents ing, let alone children? Now me and my children are on the 'School ICT' generated fear, feelings and also because the child became very irritable, very bad. "parents Liu said.
Youth Tai Yang, associate professor of psychological researchers said, "the school ICT" This is to facilitate between parents and schools as a bridge, but now it has become some parents, the child's "heart." This is not a "school ICT" have their own problems, but the use of methodology. Incorrect use, not scientific, the lack of good presentation skills and attitude to accept it, "the school ICT" will become "bomb."
Following such a "school ICT" is "bomb-like school ICT": "your child in school today, sleep, work has not been completed, parents are urged to complete home and education." Upon receipt of such parents SMS, the first reaction is that children not in school. For the understanding of the situation, many parents questioned the way to be. In this way, "complain-style message" with "parents questioning approach" has resulted in a "bomb-style school ICT."
Scientific treatment "school ICT"
Inter, the reporter on how to deal with science, "the school ICT" visited Zhengzhou Wang Weiwu two small office for a teacher, the three-way primary school guidance offices of the Li and so on, they think, to do this well requires do the work in two ways -
First, the sender, the teacher. The sender can change to the language of expression, the same question, such as "class to sleep, work not completed," can be replaced with this language: "Children today, performance is acceptable, please look at the child's parents sleep and learning tasks , work together, let the children get better! "the same language, different expressions, the two differences: the former text is the" pass the buck "type of expression, the parents will feel after watching a lot of pressure, the mood is easy irritability; latter word is "responsible" type of expression, is really from the perspective of parents of children with parents concerned about children issues together, the parents look after my heart will feel very at ease, the problem will become more concerned about the child .
When the pressure is too large, many people will come to release the emotional stress, such as temper, hit, curse and so on. Parents own work, life has been a lot of pressure, if the "school ICT" Parents can not increase a child under pressure to solve the problem, and that the bridge will be very solid.
The other is to accept the letter side, that is parents. Equivalent to the child's parents
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zyban side effects. in previous clinical studies, some of the most commonly reported side effects of zyban included insomnia, constipation, dizziness, and dry mouth.
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