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Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate version 6.1.7600 version of 7600 with other operating systems is not described in the operating system manufacturer LBWIN7 Microsoft Corporation System Name System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System model M720-ES3 System Type X86-based PC Processor AMD Athlon (tm) II X2 250 Processor, 3000 Mhz, 2 cores, 2 logical processors BIOS Version / Date Award Software International, Inc. F4, 2009/9/16SMBIOS version 2.4 installed physical memory (RAM ) 2.00 GB Total Physical Memory 2.00 GB Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1) can play? How long can the first play to get through?Hello ~ graphics landlord some of the less configuration and conditions, then you can consider upgrading about graphics, as well as in simple mode, and customs clearance takes about 5 hours or so, the game process is short, but the action elements of a really splendid ~ hope my answer can be help me help you ~ 9 Response Time : 17:07 | I have to to the TA for help
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Areas of expertise: XBOX single topic of computer game history, literature / Network3q, can play, that is, a point card the big picture, 6h finally opened up the play relevant content Conviction Splinter Cell 5 will play a short time to crash or blue screen. Why ah? It

split system air conditioning

because I took the picture . 1 Will Mass Effect 2, Just Cause 2, Resident Evil 5, Splinter Cell 5, ah what fun is to spend the 5 configuration of cell division . 7 2 high-up cell division 5 configuration 5 configuration requires cell division the same subject matter: cell division and customs of other answers were a
Configuration requirements of standard configuration: CPU: Core 2 1.8 GHz or Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz RAM: Windows XP 1.5GB and Windows Vista or 7 2GB card: GeForce 7800 or Radeon X1800 256 MB HDD: 10GB remaining network: 1M Broadband Recommended : CPU: Core 2 1.8 GHz or Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz RAM: Windows XP 1.5GB and Windows Vista or 7 2GB card: GeForce 8800 GS or Radeon 4670 with 512 MB this configuration you can not play, poor graphics, the effect of adjusting the minimum Throughout time to your own responses: jiajiajiejie00 |
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1st floor air-conditioning works for that?
1. "Inverter air conditioner," principle of
"Frequency" was of a relatively advanced technology, low voltage during start, at low voltage and low temperature conditions to start, which for some regions due to voltage instability or low air-conditioned indoor temperature in winter is difficult to start the case, there some improvement. Because of the continuously variable transmission to achieve a compressor, it can adapt to a larger area of the heating and cooling needs.
So-called "inverter air conditioner" is the traditional "fixed-frequency air-conditioning," comparing the resulting concept. As we all know, China's power grid voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz, in air conditioning work under such conditions as "fixed-frequency air-conditioning." The supply frequency can not change, the traditional fixed-frequency air-conditioning compressor speed is essentially the same, relying on its constantly "open, stop" compressor to adjust the indoor temperature, one likely to cause to open a room temperature between the hot and cold stop and consume more power. By comparison, "inverter air conditioning" power frequency converter to change the compressor, adjust the compressor speed. Depend on the speed of the compressor speed to control the temperature of the purpose, room temperature fluctuation is small, less power consumption, which greatly increased comfort. The use of variable frequency control technology of inverter air conditioner, can be automatically selected according to the ambient temperature heating, cooling and dehumidification operating mode, make room in the short time to achieve the required temperature and at low speed, low-power state to a smaller temperature fluctuations, to achieve a rapid, energy-saving and comfortable temperature effects.High frequency power supply, compressor speed fast, air-conditioner cooling (heat) content to large; and when the supply frequency is low, the air conditioner cooling (heat) content on the small. This is the so-called "constant frequency" principle. Inverter air conditioner is the core of its drive, the drive came in the 20th century as a high-tech 80's, it adopted to achieve the conversion of the current operating frequency of the motor automatically adjusts to a fixed power frequency 50Hz to 130Hz to 30 changes in frequency, the air conditioning to complete a new revolution. Also the power supply voltage range up to 142V to 270V, solve the grid voltage due to the instability caused by the problem of air conditioner does not work. The beginning of each inverter air conditioner use, usually for air conditioning to maximum power, maximum air flow for heating or cooling, rapidly approaching the set temperature. Because inverter air conditioner compressor by increasing the operating frequency of the mode increases at low temperatures when the heating capacity, heating capacity can be achieved with the largest, with 1.5 times the level of air conditioners, low temperature, can still maintain good heating effect . In addition, the general split type only the fourth gear speed to be adjusted, while the frequency of indoor air conditioner fan to run automatically, the speed with the compressor operating frequency will be 12 stalls in the range of changes in wind speed, the fan speed and air conditioner ability to meet the more reasonable, to achieve quiet operation with low noise. When the air conditioning high-power operation, fast approaching the set temperature, the compressor will be at low speed, low-power state of operation, only the power required to maintain the set temperature. This will not only temperature stability, but also to avoid the frequent opening of the compressor caused by opening stop-decay of life, but also greatly decreased power consumption, achieve energy efficient.2. Solar air-conditioning works: the so-called solar cooling, is the use of solar collectors for the absorption chiller to provide the required generator heat medium water. The higher the heat medium water temperature, the refrigerator coefficient of performance (also known as COP) the higher the cooling efficiency of air-conditioning system that is also higher. For example, if the heat medium water temperature about 60 , the chiller COP of about 0 to 40; if the heat medium water temperature about 90 , the chiller COP of about 0 to 70; if the heat medium water temperature about 120 , the refrigerator COP of up to 110 or more.
Proved by heat pipe vacuum tube collector with the combination of lithium bromide absorption chiller for solar air conditioning technology program is successful, it is solar thermal technology has opened up a new application areas.
3. Automotive air conditioning worksIn fact, we are familiar with automotive air conditioning and home air conditioning and refrigeration principles are the same. R12 or R134a are compressed using the instant release of the rapid expansion of the volume necessary to absorb a lot of the principles of refrigeration heat. (Due to the atmospheric ozone layer R12, the requirements for environmental protection since 1996, developed countries make use R134a refrigerant) the construction of automotive air conditioning and home of the split air-conditioning is similar, it is often the compressor is installed in the engine, and a belt drive (also has a direct drive), the condenser installed in the car in front of the radiator, and the evaporator in the car, working out from the evaporator flows through the compressor low pressure gaseous refrigerant into high pressure high temperature gases, after condensation heat pipe cooling device into a high-pressure low-temperature liquid cooling, and then through the desiccant drier with the buffer, and then to a more stable flow of pressure and flow expansion valve, the flow spending and buck the last evaporator. A case of low-pressure environment that refrigerant evaporates, absorbing a lot of heat. Continuously flowing through the air inside the evaporator, the temperature inside will therefore decrease. After passing through the evaporator liquid refrigerant into a low pressure gas again, once again sucked into the compressor for the next cycle of work. Throughout the system, the expansion valve is to control the refrigerant into the evaporator of the ity, too much refrigerant into the evaporator air-conditioners will not easily evaporate too little is not enough, the expansion valve is the regulation center. The compressor is the heart of the system, the system cycle power .
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2012/02/19 01:42
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