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surface mount technology

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Through-hole reflow surface mount connector technology to be able to pick and place machine, and provide a more robust technology than it attached circuit board connections. And through-hole pin similar to pin through-hole reflow or solder dipping pores are required to be part of the drilling PCB, so that these thin needle through the reflow. These through-hole and surface mount pin signal pin combination, often enhanced by the mechanical strength by the supply of double the load and ground. However, when applied to high-speed through-hole pin-back application will have some disadvantages.
Although the surface mount pins for signal performance, through-hole pin was able to return to the circuit board to provide a more solid connection. Moreover, in the mezzanine daughter card connector height and weight continued to increase the circumstances, no doubt through-hole pin back to provide more superior stiffness and strength. Press-fit technology in the last 40 years as the de facto standard for backplane connector, surface mount / through-hole reflow backplane solutions are often beyond the crimping of the signal performance, and provide excellent durability. If the implementation is correct, no doubt that the surface mount technology is applicable to any application.
As more and more of the circuit board are compressed into smaller and smaller chassis, resulting in mezzanine connector current demand. More pin counts and smaller pad connector company driven by the requirements of fast and mass production of a number of unique design for the designer of choice. However, the biggest potential problem is: which one surface mount connector in the assembly, testing, and even after installing the application to provide the most reliable connection?
Almost every system of manufacturing engineers have experienced problems with surface mount connectors, to know the reason is not difficult. Minimal terminal and permit the economy growing so thin printed circuit board is almost impossible to reach a total face. Imagine, though its twisted thin laminated card to IPC standards, but because the pin surface mount connector designed poorly, eventually leading to the circuit board connector pins can not. Again, design engineers must question and evaluate all aspects of surface mount connector design.
Remember to ask the formation of pins, for example, where to punch? Where to bend? (Hint: "bending" Alloy will try to return to normal state. Therefore, if the surface mount and pin through the curved surface of 100% of the total it did, when it reaches the assembly line will likely not reach 100% of the total surface of.)
A new era of surface mount technology
Do not unpleasant experience because in the past and let you give up the design of the new surface mount connectors. There is still the market for I / O, cable to board, board to board, and even back application of excellence and highly reliable surface mount connectors. You can be obtained from company representatives to the connector surface mount connectors welded to the plate to be able to personally test. Careful examination of single-pin design samples to a degree their confidence, further proposals to use the microscope to it. Please ensure that all surface mount connectors are reliable PCB including some form of stress relief, such as anchors or through-hole reflow soldering pins. In the assembly stage, we suggest you can guarantee coplanarity pin connector and reputable manufacturers.
Robust and able to supply high-quality surface mount connector connector manufacturer will be happy to provide you with all the necessary tools to complete your decision. Once a decision, a wise choice for your celebration, and along with your manufacturing engineers to benefit from the choice of surface mount connectors!
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mounting surface. the contact surface of the board and the solder. is limited because the . this is an irrational mounting method from the viewpoint of flux.
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because surface mount components (smcs) can weigh up to 10 times less than their . figure 7-1. surface mount technology board types. the process sequence .
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wedc is a leader in surface mount technology. visit whiteedc.com to learn about innovative surface mount assembly products and services we offer customers .
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smt - surface mount technology, a tutorial . 5. repair of damaged surface mount pads. 8 reflow soldering. 1. reflow soldering of smds. 2. benefits of reflow soldering. 9 cleaning .
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the atlanta chapter of the surface mount technology association (smta) is a non-profit association of metro atlanta-based companies and individuals .
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surface mount technology overview. zierick's surface mount terminals feature internal holes or slots at the base which foster a capillary solder .
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the research service is a fact book for surface mount technology (smt) lines installed throughout the world. the study covers smt equipment across the production .
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smd (surface mount device) / smt (surface mount technology) . a goldmine of information on smt in this surface mounted devices repairs (pdf) .
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our surface mount technology and printed circuit board assembly services provide . our surface mount technology assembly capabilities include: .
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information, article, tutorial about surface mount technology - smt - and how it has enabled the mass production of electronic circuits to ebcome more efficient and .
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