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The current system installed applications, just as " ", and warlords, and since you strong and stronger. Ye Hao gorgeous interface, sound and light alarming matter whether the final analysis, also was a software or a game, the main purpose of using and playing, watching and listening should be the last consideration.
But Ruzhinaihe! Look at software, do not you choose to install it, run up and definitely do not give you save res, too overbearing! Seven Swords if born that year, swept all unreasonable, then good!
Detached Lengjian: weight-loss experts WinXPLite
This is specifically for the adjustment tool is also compatible with Win2000. He allows the user to selectively remove the XP, some applications for XP adds Aspi Layer, 50% can improve the start speed. Upgrade files can be deleted to make the system become more slender, the network and bandwidth can be optimized to reduce memory usage but also to speed up the interface, the release of the contents, remove the built-in programs and so

s7 200 tips and tricks

on. The greatest benefit of the software used is: You can speed up a slow computer run faster, saving memory and disk space.
Benjamin is " " hand-painted posters. It is said that director Tsui Hark has personally designed this poster figure "sword" action, and a draft of a poster drawn by hand. "Seven Swords" swept the theater, we hope to build this for you, "Seven Swords" will help you invincible, by a considerable success to the hard disk space!
First Sword: Target: 700MB
There are many systems into the process and drive back up files, system files "system32dllcache" directory, nearly 250MB of files, the directory at the command prompt, enter Sfc.exe / purgecache command removed. To remove the drive the backup file, find the WinXP system directory "driver cachei386" under the Driver.cab file to delete.
Input method is to delete useless goal, save in the "window system ime" directory, such as on the less frequently used Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean input method can be "chtime", "imjp8_1", "imkr6_1" three directory deletion, 80MB hard disk space to save the. The "help" in the content, Help in the system directory will be deleted.
The system will occupy disk space in use, reducing the occupancy method to turn off System Restore, in the "System Properties" select "in all drives Turn off System Restore" check box to turn off, sleep can shut down the system function and reduce the virtual memory to reduce the disk footprint.
In addition to the installation directory and user files in the Temp directory to delete temporary files, temporary files on the Internet, in "Internet Options - General-Internet temporary files" which select the "Delete all offline content."
In addition, on the NTFS partition file can be compressed to reduce volume.Before the actual operation, make sure your Explorer displays system files and hidden files, it is recommended to delete only the files directory to retain the directory, so that security will be higher.
If you never enter chat rooms, able to "chat" directory ChatRoom.exe chat room run the program to delete, QQ E-mail A lot of people did not use the habit, there are many things to remove: "mailimage" in the mail expression Symbol; "pimskins" mail panel map, delete the word can only see a; AddrImportCSV.dll QQ-mail address book; AddrImportOutlook.dll; QQ-mail address book; AddrImportVcf.dll QQ-mail address book. For TM, there are another way in order to delete: "tmdlls" tm home directory; "tmnewface" tm head; "tmskins tm" panel; "tmsound" tm sound; more TMShell.exeTM; executable file, no TM can be related to both deleted.
QQNetDisk.dll is a network drive panel can be independently removed, the proposal to delete the relevant QQDiskShellMenu.dll; qdshm.dll Right From the menu of network hard drives, can be independently removed. Loading explorer.exe process to be closed after the deletion. On "qqshowmagic" in the magic show pictures and "QQShowMagic.dll" magic show can be removedThe third sword: MS Office Target: 300MB
Select the Custom installation process, select the component in the dialog box tick, and then check the "Choose advanced customization of applications", select Next to the detailed component selection dialog box, where the components to be installed on for specific settings.
The first is the help file, if for Office familiar with the Help file exists in name only; a variety of templates, wizards, themes, can be set to install on first use, then use a specific load, so no use for the row would not have installed; sample No one the file, no installation; various VBA controls do not use VBA programming to keep up appearances stood out; in Excel, add suggestions on the set for the first time using the installation, "Text to Speech" is not necessary installation, PowerPoint sound effects in dynamic loading is not finished everything, and Outlook, stationery and some components, such as Schedule Plus English are also not equipped with the necessary.
For the input, leaving only you will be able to a common, Office Assistant not have access to the things that you think can be deleted, pen components for this thing is not the tablet friend almost useless, converters and filters These things can be used to very little, more able to delete things: Office Document Imaging for the scanner, usually using the native software, deleted; Windows SharePoint Services to support the system are very few people use, takes two to tango, delete; VBA project the first use of the digital certificate to install it, also deleted.Almost mainstream e-mail client programs have sent messages backup, spend a lot of space, could be deleted. Transferred out from the right side of the directory has been sent the message index "file size" column in Outlook Express 6, the menu "" column, the check box "size" Da Shanggou; in Outlook 2003, the menu " - Arrange By - Current - Customize Current "and" field "button, pop-up" display field "window, on the" Available Fields "column heading in the index," size ", then " Add "to can easily choose to delete those large messages. Outlook 2003 also includes a "big message" search directory, where the size of the message will be sorted by size. Meanwhile, Outlook 2003 can also be set to "automatically delete sent messages on a regular basis": on the menu "Tools - Options - Other - AutoArchive" button, select "permanently delete old items." According to the method of the above "lose weight" enough junk mail if you can cut more than 100MB.
Sixth Sword: video weight loss assessment: 1GB or more
Introduced two audio-visual brilliant idea to lose weight. 1. The VCD files into MPEG4 format. VCD DAT file format first converted to MPEG1 format, available Vcdgear2.0 VCD format conversion software, the use of Hero's "ultimate Jieba" can also be easily achieved. And then using VirtualDub 1.3D for MPEG4 encoding into MPEG4 format. 900MB DAT files generated 910 MPEG4 file conversion rate is only 335MB, while the conversion rate by 600 only 168MB.
2. To WAV, MOV, AVI, AU, MPEG and other file formats into RM format. The conversion achieved with the real producer, open software set, select the Real file types, and then set the type of audio and video will be able to start the conversion after the conversion is complete save the hard disk, the effect is not distorted.
If you have enough video and audio files, compressed by fear is more than 1GB Oh.
Seventh Sword: photos weight loss assessment 200MB
The rapid popularity of computer users a lot more than pretty pictures, and over time will take up a lot of hard disk space. Here are some common compression methods: 1. That comes with WinXP Photo edit compression, compress photos to select right-- Open-photo edit, adjust the size of the width of the general set of 800 or 600, generally do not adjust the height. 2. With ACDsee. Select the photos to compact right-to open with ACDsee, in the "size" which change the height width of the save. 3.Photoshop. Select a photo to use Photoshop to open after the "size" which change the width of the store when the format of choice "JPEG". Using these three methods are generally not compressed picture format, more than 200K, can be used after a single compressed zip compression to further reduce the volume of packaging.
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