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FS-CN226: correspond to CS1W-CN226,RS232 PLC programming cable for CS/CJ , CQM1H , CPM2C series
Correspond to Omron CS1W-CN226,RS232 interface Omron PLC programming cable directly for Omron CS/..
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FS-CN226+, isolated CS1W-CN226,RS232 cable for Omron PLC Program
FS-CN226+ photoelectricity-isolated Omron PLC programming cable manual     FS-..
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  Model EM231 16 inputs ..
cheap CQM1-CIF02
Overview: RS232 interface adapt for OMRON PLC programming cable,RS232 / peripheral port,3m,T..
Overview: OMRON CQM1H/CPM2C PLC programming cable,3m The quality is 100% guaranteed,1 ye..
Overview: SB interface adpter for OMRON CQM1H/CPM2CPLC programming cable,with communication ..
USB-CIF02:USB PLC programming  Cable for Omron  CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C200HS,C200HX/HG/HE,SRM1 series
USB- CIF02:USB interface Omron series PLC programming cable,with communication indicator,cable co..
FS-CIF02: correspond to CQM1-CIF02,RS232 PLC programming cable for OMRON CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C200HS,C200HX/HG/HE,SRM1 series
Correspond to Omron CQM1-CIF02/01,RS232 PLC programming cable for OMRON CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C..
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FS-CIF13:equal to Omron CPM1-CIF11/CPM1-CIF12,the Peripheral port and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module for Omron PLC,It can directly use for CS / CJ, CQM1H, CPM2C series PLC
  FS-CIF13 Manual FS-CIF13 is the Peripheral port  and RS232 to RS422/485 inter..
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USB-CN226:USB adapter for CS/CJ,CQM1H,CPM2C series PLC
Summary:     USB-CN226 is the programming cable in which USB interface p..