1747-UIC New100%.USB to DH485 adapter for Allen-Bradley PLC

1747-UIC New100%.USB to DH485 adapter for Allen-Bradley PLC
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100% compatible with Allen Bradley original 1747-UIC,AB SLC5/01/02/03/05 series  PLC programming cable,use AB original driver,with indicator.


The 1747-UIC allows you to connect devices that communicate using DH-485 protocol directly to a computer’s USB port, using either the 1747-UIC’s RS-232 or
RS-485 port and user-provided programming cables. Three LED indicators on the 1747-UIC provide communication status.
2.Computer and Operating System Requirements:
The USB to DH-485 interface converter works with RSLinx version 2.41 or higher and Windows98/2000/XP, on computers equipped with USB ports.
Install the Interface Converter
3.To install the interface converter:
1. Determine whether you will mount the interface converter. The interface converter can be mounted on a DIN rail using the DIN rail mounting kit (included).
2. Install the Ferrite Collar for EMC Compliance.
3. Slide the switch (SW) on the interface converter to indicate the appropriate port.
Install the Ferrite Collar (European EMC Compliance)
Install the provided ferrite collar on the 1747-UIC cable for suppression of electromagnetic emissions and interference. The collar is required for compliance with the European EMC directive.
 To be most effective, the ferrite collar must be placed between the cable ties on the USB cable where the cable exits the 1747-UIC interface converter.
1. Fold the collar so that it encircles the cable.
2. Press the plastic housing until the collar snaps together.
3. Check that the collar is fully latched.


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